Approximately 300 million euros for Romanian farmers. Corina Crețu explains the destination of the money coming from the European Commission

MEP Corina Creţu announced that, on Friday evening, the European Commission approved two state aid schemes notified by Romania, intended for farmers, one worth 241 million euros, and the second 56 million euros.

Corina Crețu, member of the European Parliament PHOTO Archive Adevărul

The European Commission yesterday approved two state aid schemes notified by Romania, intended for farmers. Thus, the first scheme of 241 million euros, in direct grants, will go to producers of winter cereals and rapeseed, which are experiencing difficulties with financial liquidity. The second scheme is for 56 million euros, also in direct grants and is intended for the pig and poultry sector, which is facing financial problems due to the war in Ukraine“, wrote Corina Creţu, on Saturday, on her Facebook page.

According to the MEP, the decision comes following a request from the Romanian Government and this week's priority debate in the European Parliament, where the difficult situation of European farmers and rural communities was analyzed.

These schemes have been approved under the Temporary Crisis and Transition Framework, through which state aid can be granted to essential sectors in times of crisis. The support will not exceed 280,000 euros for each beneficiary and will be granted until June 30, 2024. 31% of farms in the European Union are located on the territory of Romania, which makes our country an important actor at European level from this point of view view. I welcome this Commission decision, which comes at a more important time than ever for farmers. They expressed their dissatisfaction through the protests of the last weeks, and their voice is finally heard in Brussels“, emphasized Corina Creţu.