Art Safari has opened the Secret Museum! The first images and the full schedule of the new PHOTO season

Art Safari, the largest organizer of art exhibitions in Eastern Europe, kicks off a new season from March 8, at the Dacia-Romania Palace on Lipscani. Art Safari reveals the Secret Museum, the well-hidden treasure of Romanian art, with 100 masterpieces by Tonitza, Grigorescu, Luchian, Pallady, Baba, Petrașcu, Mützner, Ressu and many others.

The new Art Safari edition, from March 8

Another expected exhibition is the one dedicated to Eustațiu Stoenescu, a consummate master who was successful in the country, but also in Paris and in the USA, known as the portraitist of the Romanian aristocracy at the beginning of the 20th century. The new Art Safari season (March 8-July 28) features 6 exhibitions.

Starting on March 8, I invite culture lovers to cross the threshold of the Dacia-Romania Palace and discover real treasures from Romanian art. Art Safari is a strategic project of the Ministry of Culture and one of the largest organizers of art exhibitions in Romania. The impressive collection that the public can see in the six new exhibitions is proof of the constant reinvention of the organizers. I think that the exhibitions organized by Art Safari represent the intercultural dialogue between Romania and countries around the world. Through the diversity of the works and artists promoted, the transmitted message reaches a diverse audience and contributes to the promotion of Romanian values ​​and art worldwide.”
Raluca Turcan, Minister of Culture.

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“Secret Museum”

curator: Lelia Rus Pîrvan

exhibitionto you


in partnership with the Constanța Art Museum, with the support of the Constanța County Council and the Topalu City Hall

For the first time, Art Safari exhibits one of the most important collections of Romanian interwar art, which includes only big names: Nicolae Grigorescu, Nicolae Tonitza, Ștefan Luchian, Oscar Han, Theodor Pallady, Corneliu Baba, Gheorghe Petrașcu, Samuel Mützner, Alexandru Ciucurencu, Nicolae Darăscu, Camil Ressu, Iosif Iser, Constantin Piliuță and many others.

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This impressive collection belonged to the doctor-collector Gheorghe Dinu Vintilă (1898-1978), close to the great Romanian artists, which he donated in memory of his parents to his native commune of Topalu (Dobrogea). This is how the Topalu Art Museum was born, in 1960, set up in the parental home of the late doctor and named “Dinu and Sevasta Vintilă”, in honor of his parents – the only art institution of this kind in the countryside in all of Europe.

The collector had a soft spot for Tonitza, from whom he acquired 25 works. The Secret Museum is now moving to Art Safari!

“Eustațiu Stoenescu. The portraitist of the aristocracy”

curator: Angelica Iacob


Cosmin Florea, exhibition made with the support of the Embassy of the United States of America in Romania and in partnership with the Bucharest City Museum and the National Art Museum of Romania

Eustațiu Stoenescu (1884, Craiova –1957, New York), an artist with a remarkable international career, is known especially for the large gallery of portraits of his contemporaries. It debuted in 1905, in Paris and Craiova, almost simultaneously. We find him at the Salons organized by the Société des artistes français in Paris, at the Artistic Youth exhibitions, at the Official Salons in Bucharest, at events in his native Craiova and at three editions of the Venice Biennale, including the one in 1938, which inaugurated the Pavilion Romanian, the commissioner being Nicolae Iorga.

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Eustațiu Stoenescu's first important personal exhibition was in 1921 in Paris, at the Bernheim-Jeune Gallery, known for promoting avant-garde artists. In 1930, he organized an exhibition at the Durand-Ruel Gallery in New York, where he presented 51 works, being appreciated by the American public. Due to its success, the works were exhibited in Chicago and San Francisco.

After a brilliant career at the national and international level, the artist left Romania for good in 1947 and settled in New York. He fell into oblivion for a while, an aspect explained primarily by the portraits made of the aristocracy and members of the royal family, but in recent decades, his creation has returned to the attention of specialists and art lovers. Stoenescu is present today in the great museums of the world. Art Safari's complex exhibition, which also includes video and sound installations, reveals its personality.

“History of Romania in 100 portraits”

curator: Cornel Ilie

exhibition madein partnership with the National History Museum of Romania and the Romanian Cultural Institute, with a design by Diana Nicolaie

Among the 100 works present in the exhibition is the iconic portrait of Tudor Vladimirescu made by Theodor Aman, in the heritage of the National History Museum of Romania. And the Military Museum exhibits to the public for the first time the uniforms of King Ferdinand I and Marshal Alexandru Averescu, national rarities, but also the space diver suit worn by the Romanian cosmonaut Dumitru Prunariu during the orbital flight in 1981 (May 14-22) and the blouse worn by this aboard the Saliut 6 Space Laboratory.

Art Safari Secret Museum (5) jpg

Other extremely valuable exhibits that will be part of the exhibition: “Observations or notes on the rules and regulations of Romanian grammar” by Ienăchiță Văcărescu (1787), “Evanghelie cu Invătătura” by Deacon Coresi, from 1580-81, and a very rare letter by Mihai Eminescu – composed from the Dobling sanatorium, from the collection of the “First Romanian School” Museum in Brașov.

“Pangratti Workshops”

curator: Simona Vilhave

Having as its core the discreet collection of Ruxandra Garofeanu (1944-2021), historian and art critic, one of the important figures of cultural life in Romania in the last 50 years, the exhibition highlights the creation of important personalities of Romanian postmodern art, who worked in the workshops of the Union of Plastic Artists in Ermil Pangratti street, and partially restores an important historical and visual route, in a style assumed, adapted and constructed kaleidoscopically, specific to Ruxandra Garofeanu, their former great friend and supporter. Among the artists present in the exhibition are Corneliu Baba, Ion Nicodim, Ovidiu Maitec, Paul Vasilescu, Octav Grigorescu, Ion Alin Gheorghiu, Georgeta Năpăruș, Sorin Ilfoveanu, Henry Mavrodin, Marin Ghersim, etc.

“Palace gardens” – the first temporary exhibition of the season, March 8 – April 14

The pictorial genre of gardens offers a generous palette in the universal history of painting, and the great masters of Romanian painting from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

Art Safari Secret Museum (1) jpg

they adored him. The exhibition proposes an intimate promenade among the shade of roses and porticos, dead trees in squares by the sea, utopian waterfalls and flowery rainbows. Theodor Aman, Dimitrie Berea, Nicolae Grigorescu, Ștefan Luchian, Queen Maria of Romania, Samuel Mützner, Michel Simonidy and Nicolae Tonitza are the signatories of a short introduction to the public in the poetics of flowers and spring light of the golden age of Romanian painting.

“Alma Redlinger. Centenary” (March 8 – May 26)

curator & design: Ștefan Simion and Irina Melita

exhibition organized by the Bucharest City Hall through Creart – the Center for Creation, Art and Tradition of the City of Bucharest

More than 100 works by the artist Alma Redlinger (1924-2017) and nearly 100 photographs are brought together in this exhibition to mark the 100th anniversary of her birth.

The exhibition brings to the fore the process of permanent construction of the pictorial discourse of one of the most important avant-garde artists in the country. The subjects represented make visible the subjective gaze of the artist, an educated gaze that chooses, composes, ranks, sometimes amplifies materials or colors, looks for the light necessary for the composition.

Throughout her life, the works gather in the studio and become part of an interior landscape, somewhat suspended outside of time, that Alma Redlinger lives and works in: together everyday objects and older paintings, sculptures, collages and sketches, art books and flowers, newspapers, vases, stools, mirrors and models and sometimes the artist herself.

3 special events (guided tours, music and drinks)

The new edition debuts with 3 events with guided tours, live music and champagne bubbles, dedicated to students (Students' Art Night Out), seniors (Seniors' Meeting at Art Safari) and Ladies' Night Art Out, on March 8. Details and tickets:

Art Safari Program (March 8-July 28, 2024)

  • Thursday-Sunday – 12:00-21:00 (last entry – 20:30)
  • Tickets: or directly from the entrance
  • Palatul Dacia-Romania, street Lipscani, no. 18-20, Bucharest