Britain gave Romania. The story of the Romanian who decided to permanently settle in the country: “I feel like I live here”

Although he was born and lived for three decades in Great Britain, a Romanian decided to settle in his country of origin. The man confessed in a post published on Facebook that unlike the country where he grew up, in Romania “it's warmer, cheaper, safer”.

The man moved after three decades in the UK. Photo: Archive

Me, happy and at home in Romania after being born and spending 30 years in Great Britain, where I didn't fit in at all. Here it's warmer, cheaper, safer, and social classes are based on education and current financial status, not what school you went to and who your parents were. There I was just working and collecting, here I finally feel like I'm living.

Not only that, but professionally I'm doing better than there. I recommend all Romanians who were born abroad and for one reason or another do not feel good in that country (but have never lived in Romania) to come and try. When I first came here, at 19, I knew it was my place, and moving here is the best decision I've ever made“, Andrei Brifkany said in a post made on Facebook in the “Homecoming Group”, according to Ş

Internet users' reactions

His post was not overlooked. Some netizens were delighted with the decision made by the man, while others advised him to be careful, because the reality in Romania could “hit” him hard.

I hope my kids feel the same way you do..”

“Bravo! You express yourself very well and write equally well. Welcome home!”

I enjoy your enthusiasm. But in the 2nd paragraph I contradict you a little and I hope you never find out that it is actually the other way around. Good luck with everything.

“You remember that people have been leaving Romania for too long! Anyway, to compare a country that can't decide even today if it wants to be the West or the East, with any other country in the West seems amazing to me. UK is at a certain level, no one forces you to stay there, you can always go back in time, to Romania. I know why I left and after 20 years I have a beautiful life and family, in a civilized country where people respect me because I respect them. Now, if we talk about friends, even the house is not what it used to be. Good luck and talk to you in a few years.”