Catinca Roman, acid statements to Petre Roman: “It was a short visit and without connotation” VIDEO

Just two weeks after the loss of her mother, Mioara Roman, Catinca Roman made harsh statements to the former Prime Minister of Romania, Petre Roman.

Catinca harshly criticized Petre Roman, on TV PHOTO Video capture/Prima TV

In an appearance on Cristi Brancu's show, Catinca expressed his disappointment and frustration with Petre Roman's disinterest in the difficult moments the family is going through.

Despite being present at Mioara Roman's vigil, Catinca was not at all impressed by the gesture. On the contrary, he wanted to highlight that he only stayed for a few minutes and was absent from the funeral.

“People said he stayed for 10 minutes. No, he stayed very little. I mean… from my point of view you better not come, seriously. It was a brief and meaningless visit. I didn't feel anything, but maybe for Oana it was important and maybe for her it mattered that she came there”said Catinca Roman, on Prima TV.

Catinca also mentioned the absence of Marius Elisei, Calina's father, at the funeral events, stressing that gestures of support in these moments are of overwhelming importance.

“It's not easy regardless of the situation, but we have to move forward… especially when we have children. I also have to be a support for Calina, who was very affected. (…) There was no dad there… There could have been three dads there. One was and it stayed there for 5 minutes honestly”she also said.

Next, Catinca emphasized that it is important to have empathy and support in such difficult moments.

I don't understand why you can't have a little empathy or ease someone's suffering when you can”added the daughter of Mioara Roman, referring, further, to the lack of involvement of people from their close circle.