Charlie Ottley's new documentary, premiere footage. “It could be the new Transylvania in international tourism” VIDEO

The well-known British promoter of Romania Charlie Ottley has finished filming his new documentary about Oltenia de sub Munte – aspiring UNESCO geopark. The captured images show the unknown beauty, in part, of these places.

Charlie Ottley on the paths of Buila Vânturarița National Park from Vâlcea Photo Oltenia de Sub Munte

“Scenes from our final filming for the Geopark Oltenia de Sub Munte, one of the most beautiful and biodiverse regions in the Carpathian mountain range”journalist Charlie Ottley, in love with Romania, showed on his social media page.

Filming for the documentary dedicated to the aspiring UNESCO geopark Oltenia de Sub Munte, from Vâlcea county, began in autumn, in all the localities of the geopark, but also in the surroundings.

“We want the film to present to the whole world what is more valuable in Oltenia under the Mountain: nature, culture and people”the initiators of the project recognized the idea of ​​promoting this area, by co-opting the creator of the famous series “Flavors of Romania” into the project as an ambassador of the region.

What surprises the images shared by the British filmmaker

The post on Facebook announcing the completion of the filming of the British promoter is also accompanied by some images that capture various poses in the Buila – Vânturarița National Park: the area of ​​the Pâtrunsa Monastery, probably the most isolated secular holy place in Romania, considering that access to this can only be done on foot – with one of the monks' cells – but also the fauna and the waterfall of the Beautiful Spring at the entrance to the Pahomie Hermitage.

In the images, there is also a scene from the frieze on the facade of the Parish Church in the village of Cheia, which belongs to the Băile Olănești resort. It is a hunting scene, which at first glance resembles the frieze of the “walkers”, from the Church in Viorești – Slătioara, considered a unique cavalcade in the history of Orthodoxy. And the Church of the Holy Governors in Cheia is a historical monument.

“Charlie, impressed by the wildness of the Cheii Cheii and the isolated hermitages of Buila”

The representatives of the geopark revealed about the latest filming and about the British director: “In general, the filming is over. There are only a few more small frames to take… Charlie was this time very impressed by the wildness of Cheii Cheii and the isolated hermitages of Buila-Vânturarița”.

The smallest national park in our country boasts three of the most isolated hermitages / monasteries in Romania, which is why they are also known as “Meteors of Romania”: Jezer, Pahomie and Patrunsa.

However, the Geopark hosts many more jewels of Romanian Orthodoxy, but also fascinating stories related to them and the area in which they are located: “We continued filming at the Hurezi Monastery, part of the UNESCO cultural heritage, then we went to the other side of the geopark, to Olănești, where we climbed Valea Cheia, filmed and told about the history and legends with outlaws related to the Pahomie and Pătrunsa Hermitages. We then went to Valea Cheii where we enjoyed the wildness of the Cheii Gorges and its biodiversity, the waterfalls and the raw green of the virgin forests, the hospitality of the cabin (Cheia Canton) and the stories around the fire”.

“Oltenia could be the “new Transylvania” in terms of international tourism”

Another day was dedicated to the filming of activities specific to the area, promoted in the geopark, such as: Oltenia climbing (climbing), Oltenia biking (cycling) and Oltenia trekking (hiking).

“Filming is nearing completion and image selection and editing is already underway…. Thanks to Charlie Ottley, ambassador of the Geopark Oltenia under the Mountainhis team and all the partners involved and who support us!”, the representatives of the geopark also mentioned on the social media page.

More than once, since returning to document and film in this part of the country, Charlie Ottley has said:There is so much to discover. Romania has much more to offer beyond Transylvania and the painted monasteries of Bucovina. Oltenia could be the “new Transylvania” in terms of international tourism. Romania must be in the top tourist destinations in Europe. I think rural tourism, geoparks, nature and adventure are great ways to do this.”

The aspiring UNESCO geopark «Oltenia de sub Munte» covers an area of ​​635 km2, which includes two resort towns, Horezu and Băile Olănești, as well as four municipalities (some resorts of local interest): Vaideeni, Costești, Bărătești and Stoenești, all from Vâlcea county, as well as the smallest national park in Romania – Buila-Vânturarița.

Filming dedicated to the Global Network of Geoparks and Charlie Ottley's promotional channels also includes promotional spots for Oltenia de Sub Munte.