Children's mental health, in the attention of psychologists. Personal development is essential for harmonious growth

In recent years, parents have started to be concerned not only with the physical health of the child, but also with the mental health. Thus, the personal development of minors has become a point of interest for parents and psychologists.

Personal development in children PHOTO SOURCE Shutterstock

Thus, specialists believe that this aspect is very important for the harmonious development of the child.

,,Today's children are tomorrow's adults. It is important as a parent to raise a future adult who is healthy in all aspects, both physically and mentally, being thus able to face the difficulties that arise in different circumstances and use life experiences to give meaning to his own existence, thus refining his way to perceive things, the quality of his life increasing considerably“, stated the psychologist Mădălina Nistor.

Personal development, extremely important for minors

According to psychologists, the environment in which he grows plays an important role in the development of a child. Thus, personal development is a lasting process that is preferable to extend throughout life, starting from the first years of life, being influenced by parents, teachers, belonging groups and the environment.

About personal development it can be said that it is a primordial pawn in the child's personality, in the way of communication, in easy adaptation to different life situations. We can't help but discuss the benefits of personal development, referring primarily to the results of studies that show that one in four children presents a form of anxiety, as well as to the impulsivity that little ones currently have, to the way they show their emotions that affect their lives, how they spend their free time or how they behave at school. These are just some of the problems they face because they don't know effective ways to manage their own emotions.“, adds the psychologist from Ieşe.

Personal development groups dedicated to children

Considering the importance of personal development among children, several specialists in the field of psychology from Iasi have set up personal development workshops dedicated to minors. The team formed by Ana-Maria-Mădălina – clinical psychologist, Alina Elena Vornicu – clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, Tina Cătălina Popescu – psychologist and Decebal Sandu – clinical psychologist and psychotherapist aims to help children, and the workshops aim, first of all, evaluating and developing their emotional, cognitive, behavioral and interpersonal aspects.