Chuck Norris turned 84 and says he feels “like 48”. An opportunity for his fans to continue the series of famous VIDEO banks

Chuck Norris celebrated his 84th birthday on Tuesday, Sunday, March 10, but the famous action movie actor says he's in great shape and has no problems training on the punching bag.

Chuck Norris turned 84 PHOTO Shutterstock

Chuck Norris posted a video on Instagram addressing his 1.6 million followers.

You know, I turned 84 today, but I feel like I'm 48Norris said with a laugh.God bless you all“, the actor continued, according to the Daily Mail.

I feel good and stay active! Thank you all for your wonderful birthday wishes. God bless“, he wrote in the description of the post.

The post received over 372,000 likes and over 11,000 comments, many of which were versions of the famous “benches with Chuck Norris” which has been circulating for a long time.

But the actor also received wishes from friends, such as Dolph Lundgren, who wrote: “Happy birthday, Chuck. You look fantastic! Dolph.

Author Greg Laurie added: “Happy Birthday, Chuck! You are a national treasure and a true inspiration. God bless you!

Many others, however, like filmmaker Justin Taite, commented in the form of Chuck Norris banter.

Fans competed to write jokes with Chuck Norris

Fans competed to write jokes with Chuck Norris PHOTO Instagram

“Chuck Norris does not age, old age is afraid to approach him,” Taite wrote in his comment.

Coach Scott Francis joked: “He landed 4566 shots in this video, but our eyes only allow us to see a few.”

Instagram user @funkoollektor added: “Even death is afraid to meet Chuck Norris!