Ciolacu: No one breaks any territory, no one sells any Transylvania. No one has the courage to side with Romania at this moment

PSD president, Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, said on Saturday that once the electoral campaign starts, topics like Transylvania and territorial integrity will be brought back into discussion, topics that are false.

Marcel Ciolacu, president of the PSD and prime minister of Romania PHOTO X Marcel Ciolacu

The campaign will come. Now it will start again with the sale of Transylvania, with the breaking of the territory. Good people, no one is breaking any more territory, no one is selling any Transylvania. No one has the courage to bet with Romania at this moment. We are members of the European Union, we are members of NATO“, said Ciolacu, on Saturday, in Tulcea.

The PSD president claims that the social democrats must be genuine and people will vote for them: “The Social Democratic Party took Romania to the European Union and PSD, together with this coalition, will take Romania to Schengen. These are the truths. We must not steal the populist speech of the extremists, we must be what we are, we must not appear to be something else. We must remain as we are and Romanians will vote for usi”, stated Ciolacu, launching several attacks on Cioloș.

The PSD leader called for teamwork, explaining that this was the only way PSD could recover from the “disaster” in which the party found itself after the Dragnea era.

We would not have succeeded, however, from a disaster we were in, to put the Social Democratic Party, the Romanian social democracy back on the European and international map without a whole team in Bucharest, Only together, a welded team, with good moments and bad between us, without the shame of explaining things to people, without efforts, without expenses, without electoral bribes, without manipulations, without lies. With certainty that we will also bring political stability, but above all we will win the elections“, Ciolacu also stated.

Attack at Cioloș

The Prime Minister launched an attack on Cioloș and on the subject of Mountain Red. “On the day when Sorin Grindeanu took the oath at the Cotroceni Palace (…) while the Prime Minister of Romania went to receive his mandate from the President of Romania, in his last minutes as Prime Minister, Dacian Cioloş signed for Roşia Montană to enter in UNESCO, although he had dozens of information from all the ministries, from all the lawyers, that if he does this, he will be the object of the trial and there is a danger that Romania will lose that trial. This is the truth“, Ciolacu also declared.