Ciucă: “At the European Parliament elections we decided to have joint lists with the PSD”. Romania's stability, invoked for understanding

Nicolae Ciucă, the president of the PNL, said on Wednesday that in the meeting of the governing coalition, the decision was made that the formation he leads will have joint lists with the PSD in the European parliamentary elections. The Liberal noted that today's debates are aimed at “the stability of the country and the government”.

Statements of the PNL president regarding the European parliamentary elections Photo: Archive

There is this risk that we take for a very well assumed thing: the stability of the country and the government“, said Nicolae Ciucă, when asked if there is a risk that the electorate will sanction these joint PSD-PNL lists, especially in the big cities.

The President of the PNL stated that the coalition talks are aimed at the stability of the country and not the gains at the party level. “It is not about winning a mayor or a county council president from one party or another, but what Romania gains through stability”, said Ciucă, when asked how much PNL and PSD will lose through this decision, if they will mobilize their own mayors, and what they will gain.

Asked what has changed since November 2023, when PNL decided to go to the elections alone, and now they want joint lists with PSD, Ciucă answered: “Nothing at all. We remain committed to continuing this commitment, running with our own mayors, our own candidates on the lists”adding that “at the European Parliament we decided to have common lists“.

The leaders of the Coalition have several lines of discussions on Wednesday, Marcel Ciolacu and Nicolae Ciucă consulting including the president Klaus Iohannis before the official decision on merging the European parliamentary elections with the local ones.

The Prime Minister of Romania, Marcel Ciolacu, and the President of the Senate, Nicolae Ciucă, met in a first round of discussions on Wednesday morning. Then, with the CSAT meeting, the leaders of Coatia went to discuss with the president Klaus Iohannis, at the Cotroceni Palace.

The discussion takes place in the context of an agreement on the subject of combining the elections in June, as well as the entire calendar for the year 2024.

The announcement regarding the agreement between the two parties is to be made on Wednesday at 19.00 by Nicolae Ciucă and Marcel Ciolacu, after they will go to their own parties, in meetings with the extended managements of the formations they lead.