Ciucă gives the deadline for merger: Any extension beyond Friday is pointless

The President of the PNL, Nicolae Ciucă, said on Tuesday, regarding the issue of consolidating the elections, that the negotiations with the PSD regarding the organization of this year's elections will be resumed on Friday, and that any further extension of the discussions “is no longer of any use”.

The PNL leader denied the possible existence of tensions in the coalition Photo: Archive

I think that any extension beyond Friday is inopportune and there is no point in discussing any more, because on the one hand we are occupying the public space with a topic that has been going on for too long and in the end we have to let's see what are the other problems that need to be solved“, explained Ciucă, after being asked how much time the coalition has to make a decision regarding the consolidation of the elections.

The head of the PNL stated that in the history of the elections, the mainstream parties in Romania always had their own candidate in the presidential elections.

I consider it absolutely normal, so that citizens can come to vote, not on something pre-established, but to let the electorate decide”said Ciucă, at ​​the Parliament Palace, according to

The president of the PNL said that the coalition had agreed to take a decision regarding the merging of this year's elections, but not taking it, the debates were postponed.

This is the negotiation process and we must go with it to the end and announce the final decision“, said Ciucă.

Ciucă denies the tensions

The leader of the PNL denied the possible existence of tensions in the coalition, regarding the subject of merging the elections, stating that its members are responsible politicians.

I think we are responsible people. (..) We each undertake to follow the course in this electoral half-year, as such we need the stability of the coalition and the development of the government program even more“, Ciucă also said.

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu said on Tuesday that in 2024 there will most likely be four rounds of elections, as there is still no consensus in the Coalition to combine the European parliamentary elections with local or other types of elections.

According to “Adevărul” information, the PNL and PSD leaders failed to decide on Monday on the electoral calendar from 2024, by establishing joint elections, due to the request of the social democrats to support Marcel Ciolacu in the presidential race.