Critics from the liberal camp for Ciolacu: they legitimize Șoșoacă who is “fighting for the removal of Romania from NATO”

Today, Marcel Ciolacu invited George Simion, the president of the extremist party AUR, and Diana Șoșoacă, the leader of the extremist party SOS, to the Victoria Palace for consultations regarding the date of the presidential elections.

Critics from the liberal camp for Ciolacu: they legitimize Soșoacă PHOTO:

According to Alexandru Muraru, member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Romanian Parliament, the fact that sending an invitation to participate for the two party leaders is dangerous and “legitimizes extremism in Romania”.

The presence of Şosoacă is a first and it confirms PSD’s desire to bail an extremist in order to repeat the scenario of 2000. The one who often goes to the Russian Embassy, ​​who seizes doctors, who physically assaults international journalists, who turns a solemn session of the Parliament into the most significant anti-Semitic action in recent decades, becomes Ciolacu’s partner in dialogue and political fantasies. It is actually an announcement of the PSD president’s intentions for Romania. That is, a state dragged into the mire of extremism, of vicious nationalism, a testing ground for the Russian Federation”, sends Alexandru Muraru in a post on Facebook.

Alexandru Muraru pointed out that Diana Șoșoacă and Luis Lazarus, SOS MEPs, were rejected even by the far-right German party AFD. An AFD MEP recently mentioned that he had a discussion with the SOS party members and that they unanimously decided not to accept them in the future group in the European Parliament.

He pointed out that what was considered too much for the most extremists in Europe is acceptable for the PSD leader.

Muraru also raised a question mark about what a president in Cotroceni would look like that would pave the way for extremists to enter the government. The member of the Chamber of Deputies noted that the day provided an example of how “NO” the “consultations” should look, describing them as an embarrassing image game that conveys to Romanians and Western partners that supporting extremist parties is unacceptable.

Finally, he noted that the Social Democratic Party has returned to its instincts of grabbing total power in the Romanian state.

The office of president of Romania must be protected from being seized by a pesedist. The PNL-PSD governing coalition was the consequence of an arithmetic impossibility to form a majority in Parliament. After the dissidence of a group of liberal parliamentarians loyal to the former PNL president and the exit of the USR government, there was simply no other political formula to govern the country in a period of political, social and military instability.

The PNL assumed this and we are aware that part of the liberal electorate was disappointed by this decision. But, mathematically, I had nothing to do. The PNL, in government, was the guardian of democracy and kept the PSD on a leash, preventing attempts to eliminate the single quota, the II pillar of pensions, increase taxes or change Romania’s Euro-Atlantic direction”he also wrote.

As a follow-up to today’s discussions, Diana Şoşoacă stated that she proposed to the Prime Minister, at the consultations at the Victoria Palace, that the presidential elections be organized on November 10, the first round, and November 24, the second round, and that the parliamentary elections be organized on December 8.

We requested, from our point of view, in order to respect the Constitution of Romania, to hold November 10 and November 24 – presidential elections and December 8 parliamentary elections, or effectively 10 – parliamentary elections, 24 – first round, 8 – second round. I see that they liked these dates because they are Sundays, just like 5 years ago, 10 and 24, and 8 (December – no) I told them, I think you don’t know what it is. It is the day of the Constitution of Romania and the Holy Conception. So come on let’s create a president for Romania which respects the Constitution and makes it superior, as it actually is and as it was thought, to all European institutions“, declared Diana Şoşoacă at the Government.