CSM Bucharest, defeated without right of appeal by Metz, in the quarterfinals of the Champions League in women's handball

CSM Bucharest was defeated by the French team Metz Handball, 27-24 (15-14), on Sunday, in the Multipurpose Hall in the capital, in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League for women's handball.

CSM Bucharest was defeated in the capital PHOTO: Archive

The first half was a balanced one, the “tigresses” leading only once by two goals, 12-10, while the team from Hexagon had the advantage in the vast majority of the time, of which three times with a difference of two goals, 3-1, 6-4, 14-12 (four consecutive goals), according to Agerpres.

In the second act, CSMB managed to pull away with two goals, 20-18 (min. 43), but a short circuit followed that allowed the guests to score five consecutive goals (20-23, min. 49), because in min. 57, Metz to have 27-22 on the table. CSM Bucharest scored two goals at the end and hope still flickers in an exceptional return performance.

Cristina Neagu scored 9 goals for CSMB, Trine Jensen Oestergaard 4, Emilie Hegh Arntzen 3, Monika Kobylinska 3, Crina Pintea 2, Grace Zaadi Deuna 1, Elizabeth Omoregie 1, Jennifer Maria Gutierrez Bermejo 1.

Laura Glauser finished with 9 interventions (31.03%), and Evelina Eriksson had 2 (22.22%).

For Metz Handball, Chloe Valentini scored 7, Kristina Jorgensen 7, Sarah Bouktit 7, Anne Mette Hansen 2, Alina Grijseels (who will play at CSM from the summer) 1, Louise Katharina Vinter Burgaard 1, Emma Jacques 1, Lucie Granier 1.

The goalkeeper Hatadou Sako had no less than 18 interventions (45%).

The match was refereed by the Bulgarians Gheorghi Doicinov and Iulian Goreţov, and the EHF delegates were the Slovakian Zuzana Fuleova and the Spanish Vicente Breto Leon.