CSM Constanța responds with fair play: accepts the postponement requested by Sepsi Sfântu Gheorghe

The leadership of the Constanța Municipal Sports Club accepted the postponement of the match from the National Women's Basketball League, which should have been played on March 2, at Sfântu Gheorghe, although the Covas team did not meet the regulatory conditions to be able to request this postponement.

We have a women's basketball championship with spectacular matches

Not long ago, the leadership of the Sepsi club caused a real storm in the media, in connection with the postponement request from CSM Constanța regarding the game that the two teams were supposed to play in the championship round.

Here the wheel has turned. But as we said at the end of the game we won against Sepsi at home, we are less interested in what happens outside the playing field, regardless of the opponent. We could have taken a belligerent position as well, especially since the regulatory conditions for a postponement have not been met, but we prefer to remain focused on the game of basketball“, said the director of CSM Constanța, Andrei Talpeș.

Sepsi Sfântu Gheorghe submitted the request to postpone the March 2 match only on February 20, less than 15 days before the match, as stipulated by the regulation. Moreover, the team from Covasna county has another hall at its disposal, Arena Kati Szabo, which is also approved for LNBF matches and which, according to the regulations, had to be considered as an option.

Also, as Sepsi proposed on the occasion of the situation of rescheduling from the round match between the same teams, there were the options of inverting the court for the return match and playing it in Constanța or on neutral ground in Bucharest at the Basketball Arena of the Romanian Basketball Federation.

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However, CSM Constanța showed fair play and accepted the postponement of the game, considering that it is more important to receive the sports show, and for the fans of the host team to be able to see live a match between the two best teams in the National League.

CSM Constanța is the leader in the LNBF with 12 wins from as many games and passed the great rival Sepsi Sfântu Gheorghe with 94-84 in the duel that took place in Constanța on February 15.