Daniel Niculae will be investigated in a state of freedom: what happened, today, behind closed doors

The president of the Rapid club, Daniel Niculae, along with other people, was taken to hearings on Thursday, in a case concerning the introduction of pyrotechnic materials at football matches, judicial sources told AGERPRES.

Daniel Nicolae

The policemen of the General Directorate of Police of the Municipality of Bucharest (DGPMB) – Violent Criminal Groups Service implement 19 home search warrants and 28 arrest warrants, in the Municipality of Bucharest and the counties of Ilfov, Prahova and Iasi, in a criminal case in which they are carried out investigations regarding the commission of the crimes of forming an organized criminal group, destruction by arson, disturbance of public order by violence against property, any operations with unauthorized pyrotechnic articles“, informs a press release from the DGPMB sent to AGERPRES on Thursday.

The persons concerned will be taken to hearings, based on the arrest warrants that will be implemented, in order to order the necessary legal measures.

The investigations are being continued by the Prosecutor's Office attached to the Bucharest Court, together with the Violent Criminal Groups Service, under the aspect of committing the crimes of forming an organized criminal group, destruction by arson and disturbing public peace and order.

The action benefits from the support of the Iasi County Police Inspectorate, as well as the support of the intervention teams from the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Gendarmerie and the General Directorate of Gendarmerie of the Municipality of Bucharest.