Dinu Maxer, about the relationship with Nicoleta Luciu, two decades after the separation: “For her, I was the first man”

Before Dinu Maxer had an almost 18-year relationship with the mother of his children, Deea, whom he divorced a year ago, Dinu Maxer lived a publicized love story with Nicoleta Luciu.

Dinu Maxer and Nicoleta Luciu had a relationship for eight years. PHOTO archive

Dinu Maxer and actress Nicoleta Luciu were together for eight years, according to WOWBiz, and their breakup surprised fans at the time, who already saw them as married.

The breakup of the relationship made the front pages of many newspapers. The reported reason for the breakup was Dinu Maxer's exaggerated jealousy, but the real cause remained an enigma, because the two chose to be as discreet as possible about the breakup.

Two decades after the separation, Dinu Maxer made some revelations about his relationship with Nicoleta Luciu during the “In the Mirror” show.

Asked by the moderator Mihai Ghiță if there were violent moments between him and Nicoleta, the artist answered positively, noting, however, that the violence was only verbal.

“I think a relationship ends when you fight over minor things”

Regarding the reasons why they quarreled, the artist explained that they often started from jealousies or minor things.

“We fight out of jealousy, all kinds of things, including minor things. I've come to believe that a relationship ends when you fight over minor things.” revealed Dinu Maxer, in the show “In the Mirror”.

Maxer also reported how he met Nicoleta Luciu: in a show, where he noticed her in public.

The artist confessed that, at first, he was physically attracted to Nicoleta Luciu, but later, after getting to know her character, the attraction was even greater.

“I saw that he is a loyal man, for her I was the first man. It was very important in my life, I don't know, you can put it down to alpha male pride, you can put it down to father's education.”, Dinu Maxer also said, during Mihai Ghiță's show.