Dispute between Ciolacu and the Opposition after the decision in the Roșia Montană file: Lawyers managed to turn around a nearly lost process

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu claims that he has nothing to answer to those who left debts of billions of lei, one day after winning the case regarding Roșia Montană, given that the Romanian Opposition announces the notification of the Canadian authorities and DNA for a possible “manipulation of capital market”

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The president of USR, Cătălin Drula, announced, on Saturday, on Digi24, that he will report “in the next few hours” the regulator of the capital market in Canada, Ontario, where the company Gabriel Resources is listed, accusing a “manipulation operation” as a result of the statements coming from the Government about the loss of the process regarding the gold mining in Roșia Montană. “PSD-ists probably made money. Ciolacu must be investigated by the Romanian authorities. We have DNA, ASF and we still have YEARS“, said Drula. He said that by Monday he will file a criminal complaint with the DNA for “manipulating the capital market and undermining the national economy.” At the same time, the resignation of Marcel Ciolacu was also requested.

And former prime minister Dacian Cioloș, during whose mandate Romania requested the inclusion of the Roșia Montană site in the UNESCO heritage, came and requested that the prime minister take a step back. “I demand the resignation of Marcel Ciolacu for premeditated actions against Romania's interests. His statements in the Roșia Montană case in recent months have undermined and endangered the Romanian state“, said Dacian Cioloș for his part.

Ciolacu: They left debts of 200 billion

Marcel Ciolacua came up with a virulent reaction to the offensive of the Opposition. “I am glad, as prime minister, that I am not leaving a debt to Romanian children. That we had the administrative ability to win a lawsuit. Those with the accusations, who left debts of 200 billion that we all pay, I can only answer that they have a problem elsewhere. I'm talking about pathology. On a historic day for Romania, where the lawyers hired by the Government of Romania managed to turn around an almost lost trial, I have to answer the accusations of why I don't leave debts, to some who incurred debts of 200 billion Romanians. It seems to me that we do not live in the same world“, said the head of the Government.

The Prime Minister denied the fact that he would have pre-pronounced on the subject of the ICSID decision. “I did not come up with these explanations. I, as prime minister, as many times as I intervened in this process, I said that the Romanians will know the truth. I didn't give any information, I didn't give any document from the Government of Romania, I didn't give any motivation to influence this process. I have made it very clear: all documents will be made available to the media when the process is completed. What are we talking about? What scholarship? What, I play the stock market? Maybe they play the stock market and you know very well that they play the stock market. The problem is that they played with Romania's money“, added Ciolacu.

The Prime Minister denied having information from the legal team. “I have no right to have information from lawyers, even if I am the prime minister of Romania. I had no information. We play with something like this?”, Ciolacu also transmitted.

I still have Mr. Cîțu's debts to pay. I still pay the 200 billion of Mr. Cîțu and Mr. Drula. Good thing I got rid of those from Roșia Montan㔓, concluded the Prime Minister of Romania.

The “truth” signaled last week that Gabriel Resources' shares rose on the Toronto (Canada) stock exchange, in the context of public signals that the ICSID case would be lost.