Do you feel like you've aged overnight? Here's what scientists have discovered

Have you ever felt like you aged overnight? Now, a study has indicated that restless sleep actually makes you feel up to 10 years older, reports the Daily Mail.

Restless sleep can make you feel up to 10 years older. PHOTO Shutterstock (Archive)

Scientists conducted two studies to find out if sleep could have an impact on how a person feels they have aged.

To start, the researchers asked 429 participants to keep track of how old they thought they were for 30 days, as well as the number of nights they had not slept enough.

Following the analysis, it was found that for each additional day of insufficient sleep, the subjective age increased by 0.23 years.

Later, 182 people were included in a sleep deprivation study in which they were allowed to stay in bed for just four hours a night for two nights.

This made people feel 4.44 years older compared to people who spent 9 hours in bed, the study showed.

The analysis also showed that switching from wakefulness to sleep was linked to feeling 10 years older in both studies.

The researchers, from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, published their findings in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Many people feel younger than their calendar age. While this phenomenon is less prevalent among younger people, as we venture into our thirties and beyond, the discrepancy between the age we are and the age we feel becomes more pronounced.

Research suggests that our sleep habits can play a role in determining how old we feel.

Feeling younger than one's actual age appears to be associated with longer life, better mental and physical health, and more positive psychological traits“, the scientists said.