“Drive like a woman!”: The new campaign against road accidents. 80% of serious accidents caused by men

In a bold and unconventional move, a French association has launched a road campaign aimed at changing gender stereotypes. Their slogan, “Drive like a woman!“, urges men to adopt a more cautious behavior behind the wheel, taking inspiration from drivers of the opposite sex. That's because, contrary to popular perception, French road accident statistics indicate that women may be better drivers than men, according to the organization, quoted by “Deutsche Welle“.

Data from the French road safety watchdog shows that 84% of fatal car accidents in 2022-2023 were caused by men. Moreover, men are responsible for 93% of accidents caused by alcohol.

It remains to define what it really means to be a good driver: skill and skill in parking lots or safety in road traffic? Campaigners reject the misogynistic notion that men are better drivers. They believe that adopting women's driving style will contribute to traffic safety.

“Drive like a woman!” campaign – Photo X (ex Twitter)

We only have to look at the numbers to prove that this preconceived notion has no basis – especially statistics. The numbers are clear: to stay alive behind the wheel, the best thing men can do is adopt the same behavior as women. Then the number of accidents would decrease, as well as the number of victims“, states a press release from the French association.

A funny ad

They will probably look at it as a funny ad at best, but it won't have an impact. There will be a lot of jokes about it or there will be hints when someone drives in a certain style. I don't think it has a beneficial effect“says psychologist Keren Rosner.

According to her, the most effective method remains “negative reward“, the penalty, because “most know the theory but don't apply it“.

European data, including that provided by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), show that women drive more carefully than men, being involved in only 20% of serious road accidents. ETSC points out that women are less likely to break speed limits, while men have more incidents of speeding in their lifetime, are more aggressive and exceed the legal speed limit more often. In addition, men are more at risk of losing their lives in traffic accidents, while women follow traffic rules more rigorously and are less involved in accidents, whether they are driving, passengers or pedestrians.

Women are 8 times less likely to be involved in a fatal accident than men, the data cited by the French organization also say.

In our country, the statistics recently published by the Romanian Police show that women are more cautious behind the wheel, generating five times fewer accidents in a year. Specifically, women caused 500 road accidents, compared to more than 2,800 produced by men. We must take into account the fact that Romanian women who have a driver's license are twice as few as men.