European Rugby Championship: Tomorrow Romania plays the “final” of the group, against Portugal

The Romanian national rugby team meets Portugal, tomorrow, from 17.30, at the Arc de Triumf Stadium, in the last match of Group B of the European Championship 2024. With two victories from as many games played, the “Oaks” are in first place in group, having the chance, depending on the results of the last round, to play the semi-final at home, writes

The national rugby team is preparing for the most important match in the group. Facebook photo

For the match with Portugal, the technical staff made a series of changes to the team preparing for this match, 17 forwards and 15 quarterbacks being selected. Compared to the previous match, with Belgium, the national team lost Dragoș Ser – concussion, Paul Popoaia – sprained left knee and Mihai Graure – fractured hand. Thus, Hartig, Crețu, Plai, Dumitru, Gontineac, Simionescu joined the team and for the first time, Adrian Mitu is also in training with the “oaks”. They returned to their club teams from those who played last week, Melinte and Burtilă.

In addition to the fact that, in case of a success or a draw with Portugal, Romania will occupy the 1st place in the group and will play the semi-final at home, the stake of tomorrow's game is also to avoid Georgia in the penultimate act of the competition. Most likely, our opponent will be Spain, which plays in the last stage against the Georgians in group A.

The semi-finals and the final are scheduled for March

The group matches will be followed by the semi-finals of the Rugby Europe Championship 2024, scheduled for the weekend of March 2-3, and the finals, which will take place on March 17, in Paris. Group A features Georgia, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.


Last week, Romania beat Belgium 33-18 (14-6), also getting the offensive bonus point in the last minute, following a Florian Roșu try, thus maintaining first place in Group B, with 9 points. The Portuguese are in second position with 6 points, having one win and one loss.

Tickets for the match Romania – Portugal have already gone on sale and are available online here.

Romania's team for the match against Portugal at the European Championship

Pillars: Alexandru Savin (CS Rapid), Ciprian Chiriac (SCM USV Timisoara), Vasile Balan (CSA Steaua), Alexandru Gordaș (CS Dinamo), Iulian Hartig (Bassin d'Arcachon), Thomas Crețu (Stade Aurillacois)

Tickets: Ovidiu Cojocaru (CS Dinamo), Robert Irimescu (CSM Știința Baia Mare), Florin Bárdașu (CS Rapid)

Second line: Marcel Rusu (CS Dinamo), Ionuț Lucian Mureșan (SCM USV Timisoara), Ștefan Iancu (CSM Știința Baia Mare), Johan Van Heerden (CS Dinamo)

Third row: Damian Strătilă (CSA Steaua), Vlad Neculau (SCM USV Timișoara), Florian Roșu (CSM Știința Baia Mare), Adrian Mitu (Pau)

Midfielders: Gabriel Rupanu (SCM USV Timișoara), Florin Surugiu (CS Rapid)

Opening midfielders: Tudor Boldor (CS Dinamo), Alin Conache (CSA Steaua), Daniel Plai (SCM USV Timișoara)

Wings: Ovidiu Neagu (CS Dinamo), Cosmin Iliuță (CSA Steaua), Manumua Tevita (SCM USV Timișoara), Teodor Ursu (CSU ELBI Cluj), Ionut Dumitru (CSA Steaua)

Centers: Tangimana Fonovai, Gabriel Pop (GDS Cascais), Alexandru Bucur (SCM USV Timisoara), Taylor Gontineac (Rouen Normandie)

Defenders: Marius Simionescu (SCM USV Timișoara)

Head coach: David Gérard