Failure to merge elections. Ciolacu: “We will have four rounds of elections”. The prime minister's explanations for the presidential candidates

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu stated on Tuesday that in 2024 there will most likely be four rounds of elections, as there is still no consensus in the Coalition to combine the European parliamentary elections with local or other types of elections.

Marcel Ciolacu and Nicolae Ciucă PHOTO Inquam Photos

Asked if there is any conclusion regarding the merging of the elections, the PSD leader pointed out that the elections will be on time. “With the merger, it remained very good. At the moment we have 4 rows of choices. As we had overlapping crises, this year we will also have overlapping elections. In a single year, 4 rows of elections“, said the PSD president.

Ciolacu pointed out that legislative emergencies were also discussed in the Coalition meeting, where there was consensus. “AI have made decisions, on which we have legislative emergencies, how is the financial situation (…) When you walked down the street, did someone ask you about the merger? No one asked me“, added Marcel Ciolacu.

Asked if there was discussion about giving up the Capital City Hall, so that the PNL would support the PSD candidate in the presidential elections, Ciolacu said: “Nobody conditioned anything (…) I don't offend Nicolae Ciucă, so I will never ask PNL to give up a candidate, in favor of PSD, and Nicolae Ciucă wouldn't ask me to do this either, because that it would offend me”.

Marcel Ciolacu emphasized that there will be another discussion on Friday, but mainly on the topic of technical aspects regarding the elections, given that the prime minister will leave the country in the next few days.