Halep, real estate investments: gave more than 2 million euros for two luxury apartments in the capital PHOTO

Simona Halep (32 years old) was hit by a huge doping scandal at the end of her career, but beyond this “stain” that will remain on her CV, regardless of the decision of the CAS, the woman from Constanta can console herself with the fact earned her a lot of money after her stellar career.

Simona Halep

According to the official figures, available to the public, Halep ranks 3rd in the hierarchy of prizes collected from tournaments. After Serena Williams ($94,816,730) and Venus Williams ($42,595,397), the all-time earnings podium is completed by Simona. With an impressive total: $40,203,437. To this amount is added, of course, important income from advertising contracts.

And if regarding the trust given to Patrick Mouratoglou (53 years old), the Romanian made a serious mistake, as Adevărul explained here, on the other hand, Halep makes some good decisions when it comes to investments. Also having good advisors, she got involved in real estate. Here, given that prices are always on the rise, any investment will be profitable in the long run.

Complex One Rachmaninoff

Complex One Rachmaninoff

Now, according to profit.ro, Halep has made another important move on the real estate market. She purchased two luxury apartments, overlooking the Verdi park and the Floreasca lake, paying over 2 million euros. The cited source noted that the apartments purchased by Halep are on the 5th floor of the One Rachmaninov complex, listed as “the most luxurious large condominium” from Romania.