Healing jewelry, 3,000 unique pieces come to AUTOR, the international contemporary jewelry fair in Bucharest

Designers from all over the world present exceptional collections in Bucharest at AUTOR, the only international contemporary jewelry fair in Eastern Europe, on May 18-19.

Contemporary jewelry created by Victor Pavlov Photo source AUTHOR

AUTHOR, the contemporary jewelry platform that made country branding for Romania

“Over 1700 Romanian and international artists came to AUTOR, during the 21 editions. In the beginning, there were exclusively Romanian designers, but over time the fair grew by itself, organically, becoming today an international platform. We enjoy this desire of outsiders to come, here at AUTOR” says for Adevărul Live, Dan Pierșinaru, founder of AUTHOR

The AUTHOR's story began in 2009 when the visual artist Dan Pierșinaru founded the platform with the same name, whose mission is to be the meeting place for all unconventional jewelry enthusiasts and to promote direct dialogue between the public and artists.

For 21 years, it has been both the multimedia platform and the only contemporary jewelry fair in Europe that brings together designers from Romania and all over the world. On May 18 and 19, at Ghica House, the most spectacular collections of contemporary jewelry will caress and caress the eyes of fans of this art form.

“I am glad that we were pioneers in this field in Romania and in South-Eastern Europe. At the moment, we remain the only fair of this type in the area. And yes, I can say with some lack of modesty, that I created country branding in this area. Effectively, Romania has several artists currently valid in the whole world. Their pieces are wanted both in America, Europe and other areas where they go. And somehow I think continuity makes the difference and that's what the AUTHOR platform has helped with all these years. The fact that we didn't stop and that, regardless of the challenges that arose, we managed to find solutions to continue and expand both our partnerships and visibility. But for Romanian designers and artists, events of this type are essential, because it is the best way in which they can test what they create, what they work with their hands. They come out of their workshops and can send these wonderful pieces they create into the world” says Dan in the interview with Antoaneta Banu for Adevărul Live.

In this year's edition, 60 creators from North and South America, Asia and Europe will present more than 3000 unique pieces of contemporary jewelry with unusual volumes that combine precious materials with unconventional ones such as ceramics, wood, textiles and including recyclable materials.

The participation of the creators was carefully selected by a jury composed of 5 internationally recognized specialists in contemporary jewelry. Participating designers can also win various prizes that can bring them training opportunities in their creative field, as well as international promotion. This year, the fair will have ca focus artist on Ela Nord, winner of the AUTHOR Awesome Award in the 2023 edition.

Jewels with healing powers at AUTHOR

One of the trendy designers of the moment who is present through his creations at AUTOR, is the young artist from China, Ruoyi Jiang, whose jewelry mixes creativity and healing, being not only wearable but also functional accessories.

“She is this wonderful young woman, awarded by us in February in London, at another partner fair that took place there, an event almost on the same principles as AUTHOR. What attracted me to this young woman is her ability to conceptualize and bring elements of traditional Chinese medicine into an absolute form of artificial intelligence, plus unusual materials. She then explained to us on the spot that each piece has functionality, offering a certain type of therapy. It was her degree project, for her master's degree in London. He's an absolutely wonderful presence and we're glad he's a part of AUTHOR. “ says for Adevărul Live, Dan Pierșinaru, founder of AUTHOR

This year's edition brings news. In the location there will be a special stand where it will be possible to purchase jewelry donated by the participating designers. Thus, buyers will be able to contribute to supporting AUTOR for Viitor, an education project through creative workshops for children from a commune in Brașov County, as an initiative to revitalize rural crafts and as a meeting point of traditional and contemporary design.

Photo Poster AUTHOR contemporary jewel jpg

Dan Pierșinaru, founder of AUTOR, says that the Young Designers section will also be launched for the first time – a platform for talented and creative young jewelry designers.

“I want young artists to know how to better value their creations and receive the right price for their work and talent, so that contemporary jewelry becomes a viable business and a focal point of their career. We also have new awards at this edition because we have established partnerships with London and Milan. Young artists are awarded by these partners with their support to expose and meet other people, other artists in international events in Barcelona, ​​London, Florence, Milan. On Sunday evening we will also have an award ceremony, where the opinion of the public will also matter, who can vote for the designer who impressed them during these two days of AUTHOR” says Dan in the dialogue with Antoaneta Banu, at Adevărul Live.

The fair will also have two related events: the launch of a capsule collection by the designer Cleopatra Coșuleț, in the creative space Doro 16, and the opening of an exceptional collection at the Museum of Romanian Literature, signed by Czech artists Jana and Peter Machatov, awarded in the past by AUTHOR.

The previous edition of the AUTOR Fair was visited by over 3,000 contemporary jewelry enthusiasts, confirming a growing interest in events that combine art with the science of jewelry making.

Watch the full edition of Adevărul Live, produced and moderated by Antoinette Banu and learn more about AUTHOR, the fair that will be open on the weekend of May 18-19, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., at Ghica House in the Old Center of the Capital.