How a PSD leader explains the increasing orientation towards separate candidacies for the Capital City Hall: “Time is already playing against us”

The spokesperson of the PSD, Lucian Romaşcanu, said on Tuesday that he hopes that by the end of this week the governing coalition will present the final decision regarding the candidate for the Capital City Hall, stating that the PSD-PNL joint candidate option “has not completely failed “.

Romașcanu: There has been no discussion so far about a possible support of Piedone at PMB Photo: Archive

I hope that the final decision regarding the candidates for the Capital will happen this week, because time is already playing against us. We saw yesterday the polls produced by the polling houses of the two parties, and the things read there and especially the fact that a PSD candidate or a PNL candidate fails to mobilize the electoral pools of the other parties or the other party makes us look seriously towards the version of the candidates from each party. The analyzes will continue, there are a lot of figures, the results of the sector surveys must also come and on Thursday – Friday I think we are in a position to make the decision“, said Romaşcanu, at the Parliament Palace.

He added that the PSD-PNL joint candidate for the Capital City Hall “it didn't fail completely“.

The variant didn't fall completely, but this year is a very special one. As far as I can remember, we have never had such a dynamic political landscape that could be so misleading in analysis. We have to be extremely careful when we make a decision, because after all the goal of this alliance is to propose (…) a candidate who will become the mayor of the Capital“, said the PSD spokesperson, according to Agerpres.

Romașcanu showed that, in the event that the PSD will propose its own candidate, “normally” this would be Gabriela Firea.

Romașcanu: Piedone comes with quite a lot of notoriety

He mentioned that there was no discussion so far about a possible support of Cristian Popescu Piedone for this candidacy.

Mr. Popescu Piedone comes with quite a lot of notoriety, especially from the position of mayor of Sector 4 and 5. I think that the numbers he has now in the polls are also due to or caused by the lack of a candidate from the PSD-PNL alliance“, concluded Romașcanu.

According to a survey presented, on Monday, by the General Mayor of the Capital, the mayor of Sector 5, Cristian Popescu Piedone, from the PP-USL, is in first place in the Bucharest people's choice, with 40.4%. The second place is occupied by Nicușor Dan (supported by the United Right Alliance), with 39.3%. Next, in order, is Sebastian Burduja, from the PSD-PNL Alliance, with 16%, Diana Șoșoacă-2.4%, Mihai Enache, Aur,-1%, Altul-1%. The survey was done on the order of Nicușor Dan, in the first week of March.