How AI can advance your career: 'It's so accessible to everyone'

As artificial intelligence changes the educational landscape, the way employees obtain professional qualifications is likely to change as well. With the help of generative artificial intelligence, people can create new opportunities and improve their professional skills much faster, experts predict. Thus, they could be promoted much more easily, reports CNBC.

Artificial intelligence will change the nature of work in the future. Photo: Archive

According to Lareina Yee, senior partner at McKinsey, new entrants are embracing artificial intelligence. “This accelerates their ability to demonstrate their expertiseYee stated.

It's worth noting that the strategic use of artificial intelligence can reduce the time it takes for employees to reach peak performance in their role, which often happens within the first year of employment in corporate America, she said.

If you manage to climb the hierarchy faster, you can achieve your goals more easily, you can do a better jobYee stated.Maybe it helps you evaluate your performance. Maybe it helps you get promoted faster. Maybe it just helps you enjoy your job“, she added.

Moreover, according to a McKinsey report carried out in 2022 based on information collected over a decade, the transition from one function to another is inevitable in the labor market. In the context of increasing human capital (i.e. knowledge, qualities, skills, experience and health of the employee), the opportunity for promotion also increases. In addition, the same report also indicated that approximately half of the people who were promoted also received salary increases. Thus, the same people collected more than 45% more money with each promotion.

“A Teacher's Assistant”

Karen Panetta, member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and dean of Tufts University, confirms that artificial intelligence will change the nature of work in the future. In his view, given technological advances, people could work in fields that once required schooling.

The founder of the non-profit Khan Academy, Sal Khan, co-created Khanmigo with OpenAI. The generative artificial intelligence platform is described as “a tutor for learners” and “a teacher's assistant“.

In the podcast “Unconfuse me with Bill Gates”, he stated that students can achieve their educational goals with the help of artificial intelligence, which could not be possible in school, as teachers cannot devote all their time to one student.

In turn, the nonprofit organization All Star Code invited a student to imagine his own evolution in the field of technology in the next decade by making a 30-second video using the generative artificial intelligence platform Runway.

Career development has a positive impact on people's lives by increasing job satisfaction, and artificial intelligence can help people achieve this by democratizing learning.

It's so accessible to everyone.”Yee said.

However, the final hiring decisions will still be made by people.

Yee argues that humans can turn to generative AI even to figure out the steps they need to take to embrace a particular career (for example, ask ChatGPT what it takes to become a software engineer).