How much doctors' salaries could increase. The first amounts circulated. The unions are still negotiating

The salaries of doctors could increase by approximately 2,000 lei, those of nurses by 1,500 lei, and those of nurses by 1,300 lei. However, these amounts are not set in stone. At the Ministry of Health, a new round of negotiations between trade unions and representatives of the Government is taking place today.

Health unions continue their protests. Photo source: archive

According to the health unions, the head nurses will receive an even higher increase of 1,500 lei. The same goes for the economic directors but also the directors of medical care in hospitals. And the incomes of the doctors who work on call will increase. Thus, a guard could be paid 350 lei. Salary increases will also be given to employees of the Ministry of Health, those of the Transplantation Agency and those working within the National Medicines Agency. In total, 230,000 health workers would benefit from these increases. As for the budgetary impact calculated at this moment, the amount amounts to 2.5 billion lei.

Basic salaries will increase by 15%. The money, granted in two installments

Health system employees have been protesting in the streets for more than a month. People are unhappy with the income they currently have and with which, they say, they barely manage from day to day. The biggest complaints come from nurses, orderlies and TESA staff.

At the beginning of February, Sanitas representatives announced that, following discussions held at the Victoria Palace, an increase in basic salaries by 15% was agreed upon. The increase will be made in two installments, in March and June, and this money comes in addition to the 5% granted for the entire budget system starting from January 1, 2024.

The president of Sanitas, Leonard Bărăscu, declared then that “we will receive the 15% plus 5% that already goes from January 1. So, basic salaries will increase in the next period with the 5% they gave from the beginning, plus 15% that the Government promised us”, according to Agerpres.

In the meantime, however, the unions have changed their minds and are demanding increased revenues by more than 15%. People say that the salary increase of only 15% is not enough.

The calculations done by those in the system show that they will end up earning only 10% more each month, and that does not cover the increase in inflation of late. Thus, the promised increase would only partially cover their needs.