Humanitas release: “It's not the child's fault”, a book about the child's psyche and mind

The Humanitas publishing house invites you on Thursday, February 8, at 7:30 p.m., at the Humanitas Bookstore in Cișmigiu, to the launch of the volume The child is not to blame: For a counter-ethics of the all-knowing parent by Ioana Scoruș.

A debate with psychologist and psychotherapist Ioana Scoruș, psychotherapist Roxana Răzăroiu and professor Doru Căstăian about how the child's psyche and mind are born, how they grow and mature in relation to the care that parents give to the child, what are the factors that influence the child's growth positively or negatively and what they can do as parents to lessen or eliminate the negative factors. Access is free, subject to availability, based on a reservation through Eventbook.

A psychotherapist with a long practice, Ioana Scoruș starts from her work experience, in the office, with children, teenagers and their parents in order to paint not only the portrait of the current generations, but also of our society as a whole. By examining the environment in which children grow up, the quality of education, the abundance of extracurricular activities, the dependence on screens, the lack of interest in reading, the author tries to find out what are the true values ​​that should mark the path of the youngest through the thickets of life.