INSCOP poll: Most Romanians, 70%, believe that things are heading in the wrong direction in the country

Most Romanians, over 70%, believe that in our country things are heading in the wrong direction. A similar percentage of people believe that the same thing is happening globally, according to a survey carried out by INSCOP.

Most Romanians believe that things are going in the wrong direction – Photo Pixabay

A survey carried out by INSCOP, commissioned by, shows that the majority of Romanians believe that things are going in the wrong direction both in the country and globally.

If a third of Romanians say that their life is better than five years ago, over 60% consider that their life is harder than five years ago.

Compared to the 2022 INSCOP survey, the share of Romanians who believe that the country is heading in a good direction has increased slightly, while opinions about the direction the world is heading are constant. Also, the evaluation of the quality of life today compared to the situation 5 years ago reveals an increase in favorable perceptions, compared to the measurement in 2022.”, transmitted Remus Stefureac, director of INSCOP Research.

Where is Romania heading?

A little over a quarter of those interviewed, 25.5%, believe that in Romania things are heading in a good direction (compared to 20.8% in 2022). But 70.1% are pessimistic about the country's future (compared to 74.5% in 2022).

The optimistic people are voters of the PSD-PNL Alliance, young people aged 18-29, people with high and very high incomes and state employees, according to the quoted source.

A similar percentage of people, namely 24%, believe that the world is moving in a good direction (compared to 24.2% in 2022), while 70.6% are of the opposite opinion (68.9% in 2022). Those who believe that the world is going in a good direction are the AUR voters, the 18-29 year olds, the people with very high incomes.

Life was better five years ago

60.4% of people believe that life is “harder” now than five years ago. And 36.9% say their life is “better” now versus five years ago.

PSD-PNL Alliance voters, people aged 18-44, people with higher education, those with high and very high incomes believe in higher proportions than the average that life is better now than 5 years ago.

How will it be in the future?

People are almost equally divided when it comes to the future, if 44.4% of Romanians believe that in 5 years their life will be better than at present, 46.2% think it will be harder, and 9.4% do not know or do not answer .

Those who believe in higher than average proportions that life will be better in 5 years from now than at present are AUR voters, 18-29 year olds, people with higher education, white collar workers, and those with high and very high incomes.

A number of 1,100 people participated in the survey carried out between February 22-29, by the CATI method (telephone interviews), by means of the questionnaire, by INSCOP Research. The maximum allowable error of the data is ± 2.95% at a confidence level of 95%.