Iohannis, meeting with the president of the EIB. What topics were covered

President Klaus Iohannis received on Friday, at the Cotroceni Palace, a delegation of the European Investment Bank Group, led by the president of the EU financial institution, Nadia Calvino. During the meeting, topical issues on the European agenda were addressed, such as the green transition, digitalization, innovation, but also aspects of security and the defense industry in the context of the Russian Federation's war against Ukraine.

President Klaus Iohannis, meeting with the EIB delegation, led by Nadia Calvino Photo: Facebook

During the meeting, President Klaus Iohannis congratulated Nadia Calvino for taking over the mandate of President of the EIB as of January 1, 2024 and emphasized the very good cooperation between our country and the EU financial institution, cooperation consolidated over more than three decades of partnership, according to the Presidential Administration.

According to the cited source, during the discussions it was highlighted “the consistent portfolio of the EIB in our country”, focused on financing operational programs, supporting private sector financing in important areas for the economic and social development of Romania, such as transport, energy, health, urban development and education.

At the meeting of the head of state with the EIB delegation, topical issues on the European agenda were also addressed, such as the green transition, digitalization, innovation, but also aspects regarding security and the defense industry in the context of the Russian Federation's war against Ukraine.

“President Klaus Iohannis insisted on the particular importance of the security and defense dimensions and appreciated the launch, by the EIB, of the Strategic European Security Initiative (SESI) program, which finances civil security infrastructure projects and projects on advanced technologies“, states the Presidential Administration.

The two officials emphasized the need for investments in new technologies, taking into account the existing challenges related to the technologies of the future, an approach that would contribute to a relevant profile of the European Union on international markets.

The field of green transition

In the field of green transition, Romania is interested in continuing and developing cooperation with the EIB. “Thus, it was emphasized that the European Green Deal must bring prosperity for all and constructively involve citizens and the economic environment. The financing provided by the EIB must make the European economy stronger, through investments that support the development of green industries and economic competitiveness”, according to the cited source.

The President of Romania and the head of the European Investment Bank agreed that “the implementation of the climate agenda is closely related to the increase of competitiveness and cohesion at EU level” and they emphasized, at the same time, the fact that “the dialogue in the field of financing and that of green technology must also be amplified with countries outside the Union”, for an inclusive and efficient green transition.

According to the cited source, regarding Romania's priorities in collaboration with the EIB for the coming years, President Klaus Iohannis “indicated the regional competitive advantage that our country has in certain areasi”, and the partnership with the European Investment Bank “can facilitate a series of ambitious projects, already under implementation, in the field of transport infrastructure, as well as health infrastructure”.

For her part, the President of the EIB, Nadia Calvino, “a confirmed the importance of Romania as a member state of the EIB Group and highlighted the potential for development and diversification of the financial services offered to our country”. At the same time, she thanked for the good cooperation and appreciated the involvement of the Romanian authorities, both in the development of EIB projects in Romania, and in the joint effort to build a competitive and cohesive European economy.