Lidia, the eldest daughter of Corneliu Vadim Tudor, AUR candidate for the Mayor of Sector 5

The Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR) announced on Tuesday that it will support the candidacy of Lidia Vadim Tudor, the eldest daughter of Corneliu Vadim Tudor, for the City Hall of District 5 of the Capital.

Lidia Vadim Tudor, AUR candidate for the Sector 5 City Hall Photo: AUR

Lidia Vadim Tudor thus continues the patriotic political struggle of her father, the renowned Corneliu Vadim Tudor, and proves that she is a brave woman by choosing to run for mayor of a very difficult sector, such as Sector 5“, according to a press release from the AUR.

According to the cited source, Lidia, the daughter of the founder of the Great Romania Party, the politician Corneliu Vadim Tudor, graduated from the “IL Caragiale” National College and then attended the Faculty of Journalism at Spiru Haret University. He has a master's degree in Mass Media and Communication. He also attended the courses of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Spiru Haret University and holds a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and psychological intervention. Since 2015, he has been editor-in-chief of “România Mare” Magazine.

Mihai Enache, the AUR candidate for Bucharest City Hall, said that he is confident that Lidia's fight will be a successful one because he knows that she also has a very good team of advisers behind her.

We all know Sector 5 as having two eternal characteristics, as it were: the smallest and poorest sector of Bucharest. In my career in the Administration, I had a short experience at the Town Hall of Sector 5 and I was able to find out then how great the need is for serious investments and serious approaches in sector 5. (…) A serious and courageous approach is needed, it is the need for a mayor who is not afraid of European funds, is another element that has characterized the administration of Sector 5 for many years”, said Mihai Enache.

During the presentation event, Lidia Vadim Tudor stated that she accepted AUR's proposal to run for the position of mayor of the Sector 5 City Hall, almost nine years after her father's death.

I was born, I grew up, I learned, I developed in Sector 5, so I am a get-beget from Sector 5 and in all these years I had the opportunity to get to know closely the problems faced by the citizens of this sector, from aspects that of children's safety in schools, kindergartens and high schools, to issues related to Public Health, the lack or, where it was the case, the inefficiency of prevention programs among young people. (…) I think the time has come to give young people supported by people with experience in Public Administration, such as those at the Sector 5 branch, the chance to get involved and do something for a major change“, emphasized the AUR candidate at the District 5 City Hall.

The 5th Sector City Hall will also be candidates: from the PSD-PNL side – PMB general councilor Adrian Vigheciu, from the USR and United Right Alliance, Alexandru Dimitriu, and from the PUSL PSD deputy Vlad Popescu, the son of the current mayor Cristian Popescu Piedone.