Loti Boloni pulls off a win and Metz ends a 10-match drought

Laszlo Boloni escaped the nightmare of defeats with Metz. Yesterday, the Romanian technician's team won 2-0 in Nantes, the first success after 11 stages. In the previous 10 games, the French group had 9 defeats and a draw on Marseille's field.

Loti Boloni has reason to smile after almost 100 days. Photo EPA EFE

After the developments that brought the fans to the limit of their patience, the magician Boloni pulled off a victory, the team looking totally different from the previous games. Attacks from the first to the last minute – only two realized – that's right, in front of a formation that doesn't find itself either. And which Metz also defeated in the round, 3-1, between the two games the Romanian team failed to achieve any success with two or more goals difference.

November 26, 2023 had been the day Metz had last beaten in Ligue 1, 3-2 away to Lorient. “Drought” had led Loti Boloni's team to 17th place, relegating, five points from the playoff position. February 3 is the day when the group from the Hexagon achieved another victory, 2-0 at home to Nantes, after a match in which Metz missed for 5 games. With two successful goals in two minutes, the Romanian's team remained in 17th position, but came three points closer to Montpellier, the 16th-placed team, which leads to the Ligue 1 relegation zone.

Latest results of Metz

Lille – Metz 2-0 (14th round)

Metz – Brest 0-1 (15th round)

Metz – Montpellier 0-1 (round of 16)

PSG – Metz 3-1 (17th round)

Metz – Toulouse 0-1 (18th round)

Nice – Metz 1-0 (19th round)

Metz – Lorient 1-2 (20th round)

Marseille – Metz 1-1 (21st leg)

Montpellier – Metz 3-0 (22nd round)

Metz – Lyon 1-2 (23rd round)

Nantes – Metz 0-2 (24th round)