Marcel Ciolacu, reaction to Russia's position in case Romania delivers a Patriot system to Ukraine: “It means that we matter”

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu spoke on Tuesday evening about the possibility of Romania delivering a Patriot system to Ukraine.

Marcel Ciolacu, Prime Minister of Romania PHOTO: archive

Prime Minister Ciolacu stated that the final decision regarding the delivery of a patriotic system to Ukraine will be made in the CSAT, but he wanted to emphasize that he was pleased with Moscow's reaction. “It means that we matter and he fears that the world is mobilizing against the dictator Putin.”
said the prime minister to

Marcel Ciolacu also commented on the statement of the Romanian Minister of National Defense, Angel Tîlvăr, who said that “the operational Patriot system in Romania is indispensable”.

It is premature. The decision will be made within the CSAT, as is normal. It is an important decision. In other words, a possible decision by Romania bothers Moscow a lot. Russia will not attack Romania. Russia cannot afford to attack Romania, nor does it want to attack Romania. Romania is a member of NATO, we have a strategic partner – the United States of America. I had a telephone conversation with Mr. President, I did not go into details. It remains that this decision will be taken in the CSAT, and primarily with regard to Romania's safety. I repeat, there are no fears that Russia would attack Romania. There is no logic for Russia to do this. I am happy with Moscow's reaction. It means we matter and fears that the world is mobilizing against the dictator Putin”Ciolacu also said.