Michelangelo also painted “The Last Judgment” on canvas. Where the work was kept

Michelangelo made a much smaller oil on canvas version of his epic Sistine Chapel fresco, “Doomsday”, said Renaissance art expert Amel Olivares on Tuesday, before presenting the conclusions reached after eight years of research on a painting kept in Geneva, ANSA informs.

The Sistine Chapel. PHOTO archive

“It is a small <>, with Christ the Judge and the other figures from the famous fresco that we can admire in the Sistine Chapel, made by Michelangelo Buonarroti in oil on canvas, the only example in which the master used this technique”said Amel Olivares, who carried out this research with another art historian, Monsignor Jose Manuel del Rio Carrasco.

The Renaissance art expert believes that Michelangelo gave her the painting “Doomsday“, kept in Geneva and traces of which were lost for over 100 years, to the artist Alessandro Allori, who used it as a model for his work in the Basilica of Santissima Annunziata in Florence.

Christ, painted without a beard

Amel Olivares says the work, which measures 96.52 cm x 81.28 cm and is in an excellent state of preservation, exhibits some of the aspects of the Sistine Chapel fresco, such as the “bold” depiction for that era of Christ, who was painted without a beard.

The painting changed its owner many times over the centuries and was restored in 2015 by Antonio Casciani.

Amel Olivares presented a preview of the results of his research to ANSA journalists before presenting them at the Foreign Press Association in Rome.