Millionaire Nick Rădoi made his will after being diagnosed with cancer. To whom he leaves his fortune

Nick Radoi was diagnosed with colon cancer last summer, and now he has written his will.

Millionaire Nick Rădoi was diagnosed with cancer PHOTO: archive

Nick Radoi, 63 years old, has a fortune of 30 million euros. He was diagnosed with colon cancer last summer after an appendicitis operation.

Since then, he has undergone four complex operations in America and long chemotherapy sessions, during which he lost 40 kilograms.

Rădoi says he beat cancer, but recently confessed that he wrote his will.

“My will is done, it's private, done as it should be! I am very happy to have a house full of grandchildren. I love them like the eyes of my head and, of course, everything I have is not a problem to leave to someone else, but them”, said Nick Rădoi, for Click, after he was diagnosed with cancer.

The businessman let it be understood that the current girlfriend, Mădălina Apostol, who currently lives in the house of the Mexican millionaire, does not appear in his will, where only the children and grandchildren are found.

“She would like to be there…”, added the millionaire.

Who is Nick Radoi?

Nick Radoi became a multimillionaire in the United States, after he was expelled from Romania together with his parents and brothers in 1979.

Nick Rădoi's father, Nicolae, who had become a target of the Security, being imprisoned in Timisoara for his protests against the communist regime.

Along with other Baptist Christians, Nicolae Rădoi was part of the Romanian Christian Committee for the Defense of Religious Freedom and Conscience (ALRC). Immediately, the authorities started the repression of the group.

“Nicolae Rădoi was arrested along with others and ended up in prison, in the summer of 1978, while his eldest son, Nick, was severely beaten by the Militia. In 1979, Nicolae Radoi and his family arrived in Rome from where, after a few months, they managed to leave for the United States.

The first five years spent in America were the hardest for Nick Rădoi, who founded a transport company, which would bring several tens of millions of euros into his accounts.

The millionaire was married for 29 years to Cami and together they have three daughters, all of whom are married to Romanian citizens.

Nick Radoi divorced his wife, Cami, at the end of 2010. Since then, the millionaire has only appeared with Romanian women, who are his favorites. Currently, Nick Rădoi has a relationship with Mădălina Apostol, who moved to Mexico with her little girl, to the residence of the Romanian millionaire”Click also writes.