Mioara Roman, buried at the “Revival” Cemetery in the Capital. Hut decorated with gold leaf and service officiated by four priests

Mioara Roman, the former wife of Prime Minister Petre Roman, was buried on Monday, February 26, at the “Revival” Cemetery in the capital, after the service that took place at the Church of Saint Gheorghe Nou.

Mioara Roman died on Friday, February 23. Instagram photo

The ex-wife of Prime Minister Petre Roman died on Friday, February 23, at the age of 83. Former journalist and teacher of the Arabic language and civilization, Mioara Roman, whose maiden name was Mioara Georgescu, suffered from Alzheimer's and locomotion problems and spent her last years in an asylum near the capital, in Snagov.

Her lifeless body was deposited on Sunday, February 25, at the same church where the funeral service took place.

Mioara Roman's daughter, Oana Roman, wanted a sumptuous funeral for her mother. Thus, he called on the services of Gabriela Lucuțar, known as the “Queen of Darkness”.

Oana wanted a lavish funeral for her mother, befitting her personality. I have prepared the best for her!“, said Gabriela Lucuțar, for Click!

Paparazzi Click! they saw the “Queen of Darkness” bringing the cage for burial. The coliva was decorated with gold leaf and the cross was made of 24 carat pearls.

The hut decorated with gold leaf

The hut decorated with gold leaf. Photo: Click!

After the funeral service, which was officiated by a council made up of four priests, ended, Mioara Roman was led on the last road. The white coffin was taken out of the church and headed for the eternal place.

Flowers and white coffin for Mioara click source

Among the personalities present at Mioara Roman's vigil, which took place on Sunday, were her ex-husband, Petre Roman, and Mihai Mitoșeru, a former schoolmate of Oana Roman.

Hundreds of people also came to the “Revival” Cemetery to attend the funeral.