Mioara Roman died. Petre Roman's ex-wife was 83 years old

Mioara Roman, former wife of Prime Minister Petre Roman, died at the age of 83. The announcement of the death was made by his daughter, Oana Roman, on his Facebook page.

“Smooth road in the light my good and beautiful mother. May the angels watch over you and tell everyone up there all the wonderful things you have been telling here. I owe everything I am to you. Thanks my mom for everything. I love you and I will always love you! May God forgive you and rest in peace“, Oana Roman wrote on Facebook.

Former journalist and teacher of Arabic language and civilization, Mioara Roman, whose maiden name was Mioara Georgescu, suffered from Alzheimer's and locomotor problems and spent her last years in an asylum near the capital, in Snagov.

Mioara Roman was married for 34 years to Petre Roman, former prime minister of Romania after the revolution. They had a daughter together, Oana. The couple separated in 2007. Two years after the divorce, the former prime minister married the artist Silvia Chifiriuc.

“I fought all my life for what was taken from me after the revolution: personal freedom, privacy. Under Ceausism, they could fence it off for you, but you protected it from the roots and they couldn't take away your privacy. For a few hours after the revolution, I perhaps gained complete freedom as much as it can be on earth, only to lose something of the essence of freedom again. It is probably the most important or the only reproach I make to Petre Roman: I lost my freedom. I became a public figure and life didn't belong to me from one point on”, Mioara Roman wrote in his book, “The price of freedom. Notes about my revolution”, launched at the Gaudeamus Book Fair in 2016.