No ministers in office on the list for the European Parliament. When the topic of SOURCES candidacies is decided

The coalition formed by PSD and PNL will not have any minister who is part of the Cioalcu Government on the joint list for the European Parliament, claim political sources for “Adevărul”.

The coalition will close the issue of MEPs this week PHOTO Archive

Although several names of ministers for the European Parliament elections were circulated, in the end there will not be any dignitary from Marcel Ciolacu's team on the list for the June 9 election, claim sources from the top of the Coalition for “Adevărul”.

The names of Simona Bucura Oprescu (Minister of Labor) and Natalia Intotero (Minister of the Family) were circulated from the PSD side, while Alexandru Rafila, the Minister of Health, publicly expressed the fact that he would like to be on the list for the European Parliament.

Instead, names such as Alina Gorghiu, the Minister of Justice, and Luminița Odobescu, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, had been floated by the liberals.

According to “Adevărul” information, the social democrats would be inclined to support Ramona Chiriac, the head of the European Commission Representation in Romania, as the opening of the list. Moreover, in the negotiations in the Coalition, the issue was raised that the opening of the list for the European Parliament should be established by a person desired by the party who will not give the candidate for the Capital City Hall. Therefore, if a liberal will be elected, either Sebastian Burduja or Ionuț Lupescu (registered in PNL), then PSD will decide the number one for the legislature.

Political sources stated that this week the subject of the list for the European Parliament will be closed.