Patrick Mouratoglou, again with Serena Williams. The mysterious picture that is heating up the internet

Patrick Mouratoglou, the coach accused of destroying Simona Halep's career, made a mysterious post on his Instagram account, shortly after our athlete escaped the 4-year suspension dictated by the ITIA.

Patrick Mouratoglou left Serena Williams for Simona Halep. Photo EPA EFE

The French instructor, who admitted his guilt for the contaminated supplement taken by Simona at the US Open 2022, appears again with his former student, Serena Williams. The Internet caught fire, many “translating” the message as a possible new collaboration between Mouratoglou and the legendary American. Conspiracy theory followers accused the coach of having completed his “mission” of “fouling” Simona, and now he can return with his favorite athlete, meanwhile withdrawn from the activity but who keeps in shape day by day .

Despite the strained relationship between Halep and Serena Williams, Patrick Mouratoglou did not take it into account and posted an enigmatic video clip, in which they appear alongside the American. In the background, he is seen exchanging balls, while in the foreground is Williams, extremely energetic and in good spirits. The images posted were recorded in Melbourne. Along with this video, Mouratoglou wrote: “When Serena plays, I keep an eye on her. Will it be the other way around?”.


Serena and Halep, great rivals in their glory days, were trained by the same coach, who gave up the American for the Romanian. Immediately after the suspension of Simona in the doping case, Serena posted an interpretable message on social networks: “8 is a better number”referring to the 2019 edition of Wimbledon, when Halep defeated her in the final with a doubles 6-2 and stopped her from winning the major title number 8 at the All England Club.

Simona replied with the legend across the Ocean, immediately after TAS gave the verdict in her case and got rid of her suspension, explaining that Serena is much too old for such a post. “I have absolutely nothing to convey to her because I took absolutely nothing negative. Everyone is free to say whatever they want. It was a personal frustration, it meant a lot to her to make that record (no: of titles at Wimbledon). They there were many criticisms, many insults towards me, but I can say that they motivated me to fight every day, to show the truth, and those who supported me were much more and much more important”said Simona Halep after TAS reduced her suspension to 9 months and she obtained the right to re-enter the court.