Places with snow by Florii. Sensational images from the mountainous area of ​​Romania PHOTO VIDEO

In the mountains, winter has regained its rights. The last snowfalls in the mountain area took both the lodgers and hotel and guesthouse managers, as well as those who operate the ski areas, by surprise.

Tour operators found to their amazement that “it's more winter towards the end of spring than it was in the middle of the season”, referring to the consistent layer of snow deposited in recent days on the mountain ridges.

For this reason, although throughout the country this year the ski areas closed earlier than usual, by at least two to three weeks (at the latest in the first half of April), in some areas the possibility was taken into account to reopen the slopes this Florii weekend.

But despite the intense efforts made, after a night of leveling the snow with the Ratraks (see photo/video)concluded that, unfortunately, the initiative cannot be put into practice.

This is the case, for example, of the Transalpina Voineasa Ski Area in Vâlcea, where the authorities boast year after year of the most persistent snow cover in the country, but also of the slopes with the most spectacular view in our country.

However, this will not prevent tourists like de Florii, on the weekend of April 27-28, 2024, from enjoying the generous snow from Vidra – Obârsia Lotrului, as evidenced by the spectacular images captured on the spot, at the beginning of weekend.

The slopes, one step away from being reopened

“Good morning from Transalpina Ski Area – Voineasa! Did you get your skis and snowboards down from the attic?! Are the songs ok?! After an evaluation in daylight, by 10:00 – 11:00 we will come with an announcement regarding the opening of the Teleschi 1 slope for Saturday and Sunday!”, announced in the early hours of Friday, April 26, 2024, those who administer Transalpina Ski.

Just a day before, the operators of Transalpina Voineasa had informed their followers on the social network that they were considering the possibility of reopening one of the slopes, as well as the gondola 1 installation for transport in the area of ​​the intermediate station and gondola 2 for walking, including the area tobogganing, from the upper part, food and apres-ski in the area of ​​the intermediate station.

They later came up with an update and announced: “I tried, I wanted to, but unfortunately… it's not possible!”.

However, followers appreciated the efforts made to reopen the slopes and real-time communication, just as they did at the end of the 2023-2024 ski season (see video – the beginning part, with the thoughts of those who operate this ski area).

Many tourists hoped that this year they would be able to ski on their Easter mini-vacation in the mountains, in Romania, but the chances, claim operators of ski areas, are nil.

There is still snow in other areas of the country, such as Straja (Hunedoara), in the Postăvarul Massif (Brașov) or in the Rodnei Mountains (Maramureș).