PNL continues to support the organization of presidential elections on time. Ciucă announced the position adopted in BPN

PNL President Nicolae Ciucă declared, on Monday, at the end of the party’s National Political Bureau meeting, that all BPN members agreed to support the holding of presidential elections on time.

Nicolae Ciucă: 2.5 million Romanians voted for PNL Photo: Inquam Photos / George Calin

We had two topics on the agenda. The first was related to the analysis of the results in the local and European parliamentary elections. We had an obvious conclusion, namely the fact that at the PNL level a score of over 30% was obtained, both in terms of the political score at the county councils, the number of mayors, the number of county councilors and the number by local councillors. What is very important is the fact that 2.5 million Romanians voted for PNL, which still gives us the state with the strongest right-wing political structure in Romania. And I use this opportunity to thank once again all the Romanians who trust the PNL“, declared the PNL leader.

Nicolae Ciucă stated that all the members of the National Political Bureau agreed to support the holding of the presidential elections on time.

A second topic was related to what is being discussed about the date of the presidential election. We agreed based on all the discussions we had (…)- that the campaign should not take place in July or that the campaign should take place in August, it is a holiday period and in this way, unanimously, all the members BPN PNL agreed to continue to support the holding of the presidential elections on time”, the Liberal leader said.

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu is participating, on Monday, in a series of consultations with political parties in the context of establishing the electoral calendar for this year’s presidential and parliamentary elections.

The PNL president mentioned that during the BPN meeting there were also discussions related to other aspects related to the internal life of the party. “It was about filling the county offices, it was the third point on the agenda and in this way we completed the last national political office before this vacation period”, added Ciuca.

The PNL leader wished success to the national team in the match between Romania and the Netherlands, in the round of 16 at EURO 2024, which will be played on Tuesday, thanking the tricolors for the entire journey so far at Euro 2024. “We will be with them from anywhere. From here in the country, this vibe is best felt with the national team, and I am convinced that they feel it there as well and will feel it when they return to the country, regardless of the result. We hope that together, a united, motivated team will be able to move forward. Go Romania!”, Nicolae Ciucă also said.