PNL President Galati announces that 500 members of the PMP county organization are switching to the liberals

George Stângă, the president of PNL Galați, announced that approximately 500 PMP members, including the interim leader and the general secretary of the Popular Party, are moving to the liberal camp.

“The leaders of the Galati county organizations of PNL and PMP have decided to go under the same umbrella in the 4 rounds of elections that will take place during 2024. The PMP leaders, Cristina Costandachi, the interim president of the Popular Movement Party, together with the general secretary Petrică Banciog , by vice-presidents Radu Pitu and Ioniţă Oprea and all members of the BPJ of the PMP signed the accessions to PNL Galati“, according to a press release from PNL Galati.

According to the cited source, approximately 500 members of the Popular Movement Party are joining the liberal team to strengthen the ranks in the upcoming election campaign.

“Vour voice is beginning to be heard more and more among the Galatians. The fact that we care about people, that we listen to their needs and that we want to solve their problems are just some of the proofs of respect that we have for our fellow citizens. The same voice was heard by the new colleagues from PMP who found themselves in our messages and who chose to join the PNL Galati team to strengthen our force to fight for change. I already know many of them and we have a solid friendship that will help all the more to our success together. I welcome them and I pledge to be their colleague and teammate, before being their president.“, said George Stângă, according to a press release of PNL Galați.

Reason for passing

We join the PNL Galati team because we want continuity. More than 500 members of PMP at the county level came with me, as we believe that here, at PNL, we can continue promoting pro-European policies, based on economic liberalism, and together we can build a strong team. We are preparing for an electoral campaign that will require a lot of effort, a lot of work, but we rely on our experience and that of our liberal colleagues because we all want to change a leadership that has persisted for over 30 years in Galati. I remain a man of deeds, not words. So, today, we have chosen our team with whom we will build and honor our commitments to Gălăţenilor”, said Cristina Costandanchi, interim president of the PMP Galati county organization.