Policeman Godină, sorry for the comments made on the side of the song “Macarena”. “I never intended that for a moment”

Marian Godină apologized for the comments made the day before, on the lyrics of the song “Macarena” by the singer Erika Isac.

Marian Godină PHOTO: Facebook

After giving his opinion on the topic of the moment, it seems, in the national press, the piece “Macarena” of the singer Erika Isac, the policeman Marian Godină received the most diverse criticisms from his followers, especially from female followers.

Godină stated that the text is rather addressed to a vulnerable category of women, who, “unfortunately, there are a lot of them“. “The lyrics will be good, but not for everyone, not for all women and not for all men. Rather, they are lyrics against the bombers and for the women who, unfortunately, had a part in them.” stating that they expect a wave of “hate” for his opinion.

The policeman was criticized for the vulgar lyrics in the song, and a day after the post he had to go back on the claims.

“Last night I received several private messages from women.

The one that impressed me the most was that of a 57-year-old lady who wanted to tell me an incident from 1987, when she was sexually assaulted by a colleague whom she knew very well and with whom she was alone at home by accident.

She told me this to tell me that she thinks I was wrong with my text, because it can happen, as a woman, to be assaulted by acquaintances.

The other women who wrote to me told me similar stories, they had gone through traumatic experiences of sexual assault with men they knew.

The fact that these women felt and chose to write me such stories makes me realize that my text left room for some interpretations that I did not take into account for a moment.

Again, at no time did I want any woman who has gone through such trauma to feel in any way harmed by what I wrote there, and if any woman felt that way, I convey my apologies and the assurances that at no time have I had this intention”Godină wrote on Facebook.

Wave of reactions online

The appearance of the song sparked a long line of messages of support and criticism online, and more women began to share their stories, similar to the international “MeToo” movement against sexual harassment and violence.