Problems with the operation of WhatsApp. Users all over the world have reported outages of the messaging service

WhatsApp appears to be experiencing a global outage, preventing users from sending or receiving messages, while other Meta apps such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram are also experiencing issues.

The Whatsapp application does not work PHOTO Shutterstock

As of April 3, 2024, WhatsApp appears to be working for users in countries across the globe. The outage started around 21:00 Romanian time, as mentioned on DownDetector and by many users on social networks.

Some users are also reporting problems with Instagram and Facebook Messenger, but these seem to be less widespread.

Users can open the Whatsapp app and see both their conversations and chat history, but sending messages does not work. The same seems to apply to Facebook Messenger. Meanwhile, Instagram is showing a set of errors for some users, but the feed and Reels are mostly working.