PSD wants a political agreement for the entire 2024 election year. Romașcanu: It cannot be an agreement only for June

The spokesperson of the PSD, Senator Lucian Romaşcanu, said on Thursday, regarding the negotiations in the coalition on the subject of combining the elections, which did not reach a concrete result, that he hopes that the liberals will understand the decision of the social democrats regarding the agreement on a calendar complete on 2024.

Lucian Romascanu: Firea is the only PSD member who wants to run for PMB PHOTO Facebook

The PSD representative emphasized that the negotiations in the coalition regarding the merger of the elections did not reach a common point, which is why no decision has been made yet. “From 95% yes, we moved to 95% no. We will see in tomorrow's discussion which should be the last or among the last, because there is no more time for all the legislative changes and technically there are a lot of things to do. Our colleagues from the PNL should understand PSD's decision to exit these negotiations with an annual calendar, which is fair for the people and for everyone.”

stated Senator Romascanu, according to Agerpres.

“We announced through Marcel Ciolacu, from the beginning of February, that we will only leave these negotiations with a calendar for 2024. PNL colleagues left the meeting of their leadership forum with a mandate for the negotiation month of June. So somewhere we are discussing on different levels. Maybe now, if they have a more flexible mandate, they'll understand that we can't just go up a hill (no – deal) in June, then meet for a hill in September It doesn't work like that“, added Romașcanu.

The President of the Senate, Nicolae Ciucă, sent, on Thursday, an exhortation to calm addressed to the governing coalition, amid the tensions of the last few days that indicated a possible termination of collaboration due to PSD's demands to accept the merger of this year's elections.

This, after Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu declared on Wednesday that, if the PNL leaves the government, he will submit his mandate. However, the Prime Minister specifies that, from the discussions he has had so far with Nicolae Ciucă, this scenario is excluded.

The President of PNL, Nicolae Ciucă, declared on Tuesday that the deadline for merger is Friday, and any other extension of the discussions “it doesn't make any sense anymore“.

Romașcanu: Firea is the only one that signed up for PMB

On the other hand, Lucian Romaşcanu declared, regarding the nomination of PSD candidates for the local elections, that the decision basically belongs to those currently holding positions.

First of all, it is the decision of those in office whether they want to continue or not, and if they want to continue, things are simpler. If not, we will poll and see. It is the option to continue or not to continue, it is your decision. For the Capital, as Mr. Ciolacu said, Ms. Firea is the only one who signed up and I think she will win“, emphasized Lucian Romaşcanu.

The statement comes after the PSD Bucharest leader, Senator Gabriela Firea, presented herself as the “candidate” for the mayoral seat of the PMB, from the PSD side, after showing her desire for this position but the party did not officially announce her the proposal.