Ramona Chiriac, the opening of the PSD-PNL list for the European Parliament. What are the options for Capital SOURCES

Ramona Chiriac, the representative of the European Commission in Romania, will open the joint list of PNL and PSD in the European parliamentary elections. As for the Capital City Hall, all options are on the table, including that the two parties have separate candidates, political sources told Adevărul.

Ramona Chiriac is the opening list of PNL-PSD in the European Parliament. Photo: Facebook

The decision was taken at Monday's Coalition meeting. Ramona Chiriac, career diplomat, was appointed head of the European Commission Representation in Bucharest in July 2021. Previously, from 2016, she was consul general of Romania in Bavaria. He started his career in diplomacy in 2008, and before that he worked in the central and local public administration in Romania, having duties related in particular to the preparation of Romanian local authorities for the country's accession to the EU.

According to Adevărul information, the list would also include Mihai Tudose, Rareș Bogdan, Claudiu Manda, Dan Motreanu, Victor Negrescu, Siegfried Mureșan, Vasile Dîncu, Adina Vălean, Maria Grapini, Daniel Buda, Dragoș Benea, but also Vasile Blaga.

The names of some members of the Ciolacu Government were circulated for the European Parliament, but, according to Adevărul information, the Coalition decided not to include any minister on the list.

No consensus for the Capital

As for a candidate for the Capital City Hall, Adevărul sources say, at this moment all options are on the table, including that PNL and PSD have a separate candidate.

From the PNL side, Sebastian Burduja is seriously warming up for candidacy (but there is also another option on the table, i.e. Ionuț Lupescu), while from the social democrats Gabriela Firea insists on entering the fray. However, the social democrats also tested Daniel Băluță.