Revenge like in the movies, after a young woman found out she was cheated on the night before the wedding

Just one night before marrying the one she considered “the one of her heart”, a young woman found out that she was being cheated on. Casey and Alex had been a couple for several years, and what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life quickly turned into a nightmare, reports Unilad.

A young woman found out that she was being cheated on the night before the wedding was to take place. Photo: Archive

The young woman told her story to Body+Soul, but used pseudonyms. According to her confessions, she and her future husband were with the bridesmaids when she received a series of screenshots from an unknown number.

I wouldn't marry him. will you do it“, is the message the young woman received from the unknown person who informed her about her future husband's infidelity.

It was clear from the messages Casey received that Alex had been having an affair with another woman in the months leading up to the wedding.

Your body is freaking incredible. And damn you know how to use it. I wish my fiancee had half the skills you have“, is shown in a message that Alex had sent to his mistress.

I miss you so much. I've never had a connection like this before“, it is shown in another.

“Alex is not who I thought he was”

Casey confessed that his girlfriends “they insisted I call him immediately and cancel the wedding”. But, “I loved Alex. I wanted to marry Alex the next day. I was too shocked and too sad to be angry. I didn't call him“, said the young woman.

“Finally, we tried to go to bed. I didn't sleep a wink, and when dawn finally broke I woke the girls up and told them my decision – I was going to go ahead with the wedding as expected, and “let it go” in front of our friends and family.”

Thus, the wedding took place, but instead of vows, the young woman read the messages she received.

Turns out Alex isn't who I thought he was” said the bride. “I love you all, and as horrible as it is, I'm glad you're all here.

There won't be a wedding party today, but instead, it will be a celebration of honesty, finding true love, and listening to your heart even when it hurts“, she added.

Alex's face changed when Casey started reading the messages, and finally “he left the church with his knight of honor“.

It certainly wasn't the wedding I had imagined, but to our delight it was a glorious party“, said the young woman.