Romanians are looking for special holiday offers more than in the last post-pandemic years

Romanians are looking for special offers to purchase vacation packages for the summer, more than in recent post-pandemic years, tourism experts say.

Romanians are looking for special holiday offers more than in the last post-pandemic years

The vacation period associated with the May 1st and Easter holidays did not go well because Romanians started searching for summer vacations. It is interesting that, unlike in previous years, many of them fold their vacations according to the packages promoted with discounts and reductions.

Observing the large number of requests, searches, calls from tourists, we launched this campaign in which we propose more than 40 packages with reduced prices in special destinations, such as: Portugal- Madeira, Dominican Republic, Cuba, USA, Panama & Costa Rica, Brazil, Uganda & Rwanda, Seychelles, Malaysia & Indonesia or Uzbekistan. We summarize through these special offers a winning mix for the customer: generous departure period, friendly budget, a multitude of travel experiences,“says Ana Maria Gherasim, Eturia Sales Director

The agencies' proposals cover the entire Globe, from the old continent, to exotic beaches in the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean or complex circuits in the most interesting destinations, and the discounts will have a significant impact on the vacation budget, reaching up to 500 euros/ package/person

Although Romanian tourists are used to promotions coming with limited packages in terms of offer and type of product, this time they have discounts on all types of products, from simple beach stays, to complex circuits in several countries, self-drive circuits , circuits with a companion, Share a trip, holidays for June 1 or the spectacular island hopping.

Analyzing the requests received from Romanians, the most sought-after destinations for the Easter holiday were: Portugal with Madeira or Spain with Barcelona or Seville, or the exotic beaches of Thailand, the Maldives, Mauritius or Mexico.

As for the allocated last-minute budget, for departures to Europe, Romanians allocated between 700 and 1100 euros/person, depending on the hotel unit the chosen oneand for exotic destinations, it varies between 1000 and 2500 euros/person” added the tourism expert.