Serious neurological diseases in children. Dr. Mihai Craiu: “Sometimes the host is to blame and not the guest”

Dr. Mihai Craiu, one of the best-known paediatricians in Romania, claims that in some viral diseases an immune response of the host infected with these viruses is “to blame” and not the virus itself. The doctor is also sounding the alarm about measles cases, which are increasing.

Pediatrician Mihai Craiu PHOTO: Archive, Adevărul

“It is known that some diseases caused by viruses can cause serious neurological damage. Convulsions, coma or paralysis can be found in some children who develop severely, in the scenario of an influenza virus infection, in poliomyelitis or in measles. We have the sad proof of the recent deaths of some of the children who developed encephalitis in the current measles epidemic”wrote Dr. Mihai Craiu, primary pediatrician at the “Alessandrescu-Rusescu” Institute for Mother and Child Health in Bucharest, on his Virtual Children's Hospital Facebook page.

According to the pediatrician, for “patients infected with some viruses, such as ZIKA (transmitted by the bite of a the mosquitor) or SARS-CoV-2, in which very severe neurological manifestations have been observed, in recent years, no clear evidence has been discovered of any links between the severity of the viral disease and the severity of neurological complications. And in the case of Multiple Sclerosis associated with the Epstein-Barr virus, no evidence of CNS infection with this virus was identified”.

Doctor: “Some cells can act like a

The doctor quotes from a medical article, which proves that in some viral diseases an immune response of the host infected with these viruses is “to blame” and not the virus itself.

“Some immune cells, called CD8+ T lymphocytes, can act like a . That is, to be activated during an inflammatory process located at a distance from the CNS. Like a ticking time bomb, controlled with a trigger activated by a mobile phone. In other words, some serious neurological complications occur because of our body's response and not because of the virus itself.” explains the pediatrician.

Starting from these experimental evidences, doctor Craiu claims that we will better understand why we behave differently in the face of similar inflammatory processes (viral disease, vaccination, poisoning, adverse drug reactions).

“We are simply born different and behave differently immunologically. The immune system (like memory or learning abilities) has individual characteristics and sometimes manifests . Just like in school, some students are winners and others are left behind. Not all children's immune system is wise and temperate…sometimes it is hysterical and violent. And in conflict situations (such as acute diseases, vaccinations, allergic reactions, stress, etc.) these differences become very obvious. As I said, this evidence could also explain the differences in response to vaccination. And the possible adverse effects… Sometimes it is the fault of the host and not the guest“, claims Dr. Craiu.

In conclusion, the doctor also has a recommendation for parents.

“At these special times when more than 5,200 cases of measles have been reported, according to the INSP, it would be prudent to talk to your family doctor about the necessary actions if you have a child of eight months or older. Especially if you have postponed the MMR vaccination. Good health to all!“, concluded Dr. Mihai Craiu.