Shaky, submissive abroad, rebel in Romania. What did the senator do in Italy

Senator Diana Șoșoacă, on a trip to Rome, complied with the demands of the law enforcement officers to shut down the filming, thus abandoning the approach to which the Romanian public is accustomed. In the country, the senator often found herself in the middle of scandals in recent years precisely because she refused to comply with such requests.

Senator often refuses to shut down PHOTO Inquam Photos filming

– Stop, please, stop! Do not film!

– 5 minutes…No, no…it's for me.

– No, don't make a video. No video here.

– No video? Where? Where can it be?

– There…

– Ok… So that's it, they won't let us film anymore. So we're going to close the live now because we're not allowed to go any further”, is the dialogue held by senators and a lawman from Italy, according to Digi24.

In the country, the senator was crucified by the scandals provoked in similar moments, not only in discussions with colleagues in the Parliament, but also in the case of law enforcement officers in Romania.

Not a few times, the senator refused to close the filming, during the pandemic refusing to wear a mask and being present at the protests in the center of the Capital.

The same situation was repeated in the Romanian Parliament, where the senator was often caught arguing with the phone in her hand during the meetings.

Diana Șoșoacă recently intervened in a farmer's protest, pushing them to break the rules imposed by the authorities, who stopped them from entering the Capital, but also trying to negotiate with the law enforcement officers to allow them to pass.