Shocking case in a kindergarten in Ploiesti. Children threatened by educators: “To the police with you! Damn autistics”

The scenes took place in a kindergarten with an extended program in Ploiești, and several parents decided to record them after their children refused to go to classes.

The investigation is ongoing at the kindergarten PHOTO: Archive

Shocking and revolting case in a kindergarten in Ploiesti. Parents have made public recordings in which teachers scream at children, insult them, threaten them with the police and beat them.

They say that the little ones are terrorized, listen to what they told at home how the teachers threaten them with a wooden spoon, don't let them go to the toilet or punish them in the hallway.

According to some judicial sources, it is about Grădiniţa 47 in Ploiesti.

“Educators: Who beat you out of class?

Child: Mrs. Mirela!

governess: Do you hear them, girl, Mrs. Mirela, are you crazy?!

governess: Do you want me to call the police?

Child: Not!

Educators: Yes, I'm calling, you're lying! How can you lie like that?!

governess: Look, dear, how they put me in prison! Autists be damned!

Educators: Did Mrs. Mirela beat you, me!? Did Mrs. Mirela hit you?!

Educators: Come on, get out of here, get up from here! Please take off your shoes… After all, you're going crazy! Get out of here! Why don't you listen to Mrs. Mirela? Day! why don't you listen Do you want a fight?“, are the records made public by the parents, according to

The director of the kindergarten convened the disciplinary committee that will conduct an internal investigation, and the case is also being investigated by the Police, but also by the Child Protection Directorate.

According to the Prahova County Police Inspectorate (IPJ), the police officers from the School Safety Office notified themselves ex officio, following the appearance of a recording in the public space, they are conducting investigations in order to establish the factual situation and take legal measures accordingly.

“Following the appearance in the public space of a recording showing that a teacher verbally assaulted a preschooler in a kindergarten in the municipality of Ploieşti, the police officers from the School Safety Office reported themselves ex officio, conducting investigations in order to establish the situation in fact and taking legal measures accordingly''informed, on Monday, IPJ Prahova., writes Agerpres.

The accused educators have had no complaints so far.