Siegfried Muresan: It's time to say very clearly – GOLD = USSR. Simion wants to put the EU and Russia on the same level of distrust

MEP Siegfried Muresan commented on the speech against the EU by the head of the AUR, stating that George Simion “makes Russian propaganda on his face” and tries to “put the European Union and Russia on the same level of distrust”.

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<>wrote Siegfried Muresan on Facebook.

According to the liberal MEP, “George Simion does exactly that. He knows that trust in Russia no longer exists and he wants to to put the European Union and Russia on the same level of distrust. This is exactly Russia's intention. He is doing Russian propaganda on his face. It's time to say very clearly: GOLD = USSR“.

Simion, new attack on the EU

The statements of the MEP come in the context in which the head of the AUR, George Simion, launched a new attack on the European Union, which he called “the new Soviet Union”, in a speech in Timișoara, saying that he will stop the all those who “try to impose the new global order”.

“I came straight from Poland. Yesterday in Warsaw we had meetings with our Polish allies, probably among the few, if not the only ones, who understand what it means to be between two empires, between the evil empire in the east, which is still making victims, and this new ideological empire, this new Union Soviet with its commissioners in Brussels, who are trying to change our customs, the way of living, the way of understanding life and respecting our forefathers and the Christian freedom of this continent”. said the AUR leader in a speech in Timisoara.

George Simion continued: “I think you saw that Greece also fell the other day. My colleagues also said before, it is a world disease that works either through the scumbag called political correctness, or through censorship, through a new dictatorship and this new, neo-Marxist, globalist, socialist ideology, tries to bring us all to the same level. But God created us different and we owe it, together, at the level of the European institutions, from the Europe of which we are a part both historically and geographically, to fight with everything we have”.